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Jeffrey Scott:
I just did my first review of Big Brother 2006 - UK -
I've been watching the last few episodes and have really been dragged in. It's very interesting.

Jeffrey Scott:
I finished watching the first week and will be posting my notes tonight. Anyone else that has seen this, I would love to hear your comments on it so far. What a week! Drama Queens, Tirades, Ranting and Raving, Cheating and the closest I've ever seen to a housemate stoned to death to eliminate them. Check out the news page tonight for some VERY interesting stories.

How do you watch this?

I read your at least one person read it.... :lol3:

Whom did you think I'd like?

Jeffrey Scott:
Shahbaz! LOL Seriously if you watched the show I think you'd like Richard. His bark is worse than his bite. He's a real nice guy. Shahbaz on the otherhand is a nutcase, even Richard can'ts stand him. You have GOT to read my first weeks article when I post it.

Just for the record Cole, I've got several hundred hits for the article already and a few people welcoming me to the BB-UK. If you think BB is big here, you should see it there! The shows are daily, and they have a pre and post show as well.

Jeffrey Scott:
Anyone want to know what the antics over at the Big Brother - UK are, take a look at this! You will not believe it.


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