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Hi all - new here so bear with me.

Have any of you had the opportunity to watch the British version of Big Brother?  That is where I originally became hooked on the show.  BB UK has a much more interesting version in my humble opinion.  BB makes the contestants actually DO things in order to win food for the week, luxury competitions etc.  I seem to remember this occuring on earlier American BB, but not the last few shows.  Another aspect of their show is that talking about who should be nominated or any discussion of nominations is strictly prohibited. 

Anyway, just wanted to throw some thoughts into the pot.  I hope BB7 has more activities for the poor contestants this year, seems like they never had to do anything except for the Golden Veto stunts. 

Big Brother UK is SOOOO much better than the US version IMO.  I had the chance to watch it the past 2 years while visiting Corwall in the summer.  Much better run show without all the constant planning about alliances that take up half of the US show. 

Jeffrey Scott:
This is actually related so bear with me. I was watching Doctor Who on Friday and he was transported to the future where Big Brother was still going on. The only drawback was that the contestants were killed as they were evicted. It was pretty funny.

I've been meaning to look for BB UK on the net but have not had time to download anything let along watch it.

Jeffrey Scott:
Just curious if anyone else is watching this. I just watched the first episode introducing all 14 houseguests. I must say, it's so much different than the American version, but whetting my appitite for the American version just as much.

I'm considering writing up an article for the news page. Anyone else want to be kept up to date on the UK version?

I would love it.  I have always thought the UK version was more interesting.


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