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They may not start the race from the needle, but it's a natural for Phil's "skyscraper" stand-up.  :waves:

Hey you never know , good for speculation maybe , maybe not . And yes I know there is an Asian version of TAR but New Zealand was mentioned here .

"Amazing Race 10 Sighting "
To those who are interested:
A friend of mine saw a team from what I guess is Season 10 on an Air New Zealand flight from Queenstown to Auckland, yesterday, June 2nd. The team spotted was 'an Asian couple, who looked very tired'. They were apparently en route to Singapore.

If I hear any more information I will post it.
from RTVW

You all are on the ball...already researching TAR10!  Mtn Rainier would be a beautiful place to take off for the Race.  (or Mt St Helens)  How exciting!  :jumpy:

 :jumpy:  i'm all tingly with excitement for the next edition of my favorite show!!! thanks all for the spoiler fixes.  :)

I smell MEATBALL'S !  :jumpy:

more to the Seattle sighting here
My pilot buddy didn't see exactly where the teams were going, but there were apparently only two International flights from gates the teams were congregating around: Hawaii and Tokyo. 


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