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--- Quote from: apskip on December 27, 2006, 07:48:08 AM ---MSWOOD, in your otherwise cogent note you stated "Dustin & Kandice worried about from leg 1, that was Tyler & James.  Yet they were so worried and scared that they didn't even use the Yield on them." It is clear from this that "they" refers to Kandice and Dustin. Well, Kandice and Dustin arrived third to the Yield. Their options were to Yield Lyn/Karlyn or Yield nobody. Since Tyler and James preceded them to the Yield, they could not yield Tyler/James.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I should have used another paragraph that quote was that Tyler & James were in the words of the poster I was referencing so afriad of the BQ's that they didn't even use the Yield agains't them.  In the clips for that episode when they talk about it.  They say that they aren't threatened enough by any of the teams to actually need to use the Yield.  In otehr words all things being equal, they thought they would out perform Dustin & Kandice.

While Rob & Kim in their online clips talk about that the team they wore the most concerned with was Tyler & James, but they are friends and don't wont to race that way. 


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