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--- Quote ---I was a semi finalist for TAR 10. I didn't quite make the cut for the LA Finals. However, I knew that the race was set to begin this past week. My kids kept telling me "Hey Dad, you were going to be leaving on The Amazing Race this week". I was wondering where would I start...where was my first city going to be...what my first detour and roadblocks would be.

Well...I have the first answer...My other team member is a pilot. He was flying through the Seattle airport earlier this week, and saw all of the teams at the Seattle Tacoma airport. He didn't see where they were going, and didn't recognize any of the teams from the Green Room at the Chicago semi's.
--- End quote ---

( edited to change the headline/title :yaya: thanks Pedaler)

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Check out the Intro Flash caps here .

Team Reference
Bilal Abdul-Mani and Sa'eed Rudolph,Best friends Elim-First
Vipul and Arti Patel, MarriedElim-Second
Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill , Best friends Elim-Third
Duke and Lauren Marcoccio, Father Daughter  Elim-Forth
Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino, Dating Elim-fifth
Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen, Friends Elim-Sixth
David and Mary Conley,Married parents Elim-Seventh
Erwin and Godwin Cho,Brothers[Elim-8th]
Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier, Best Friends [Elim-ninth]
final 3
Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris,Best Friends [ 3rd place ]
Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla ,Dating [second place ]
Tyler Denk and James Branaman,Best friends Winners!

Amazing Race 10 Team Spoilers & Speculation ,Click here . :)

Seattle Washington ( Memorial Day Weekend May 27th )
Pedaler brings us this spoiler
didn't quite make it t:

Seattle airport earlier this week, and saw all of the teams at the Seattle Tacoma airport.
My pilot buddy didn't see exactly where the teams were going, but there were apparently only two International flights from gates the teams were congregating around: Hawaii and Tokyo. 
"My pilot buddy who saw the teams at SeaTac said he was in the South Satellite.
 He said there was an Aeroflot flight out of there around the same time as the NWA Int'l flights on either May 30 or 31."
TAR10 spotted at SEATAC May 27 - headed to Beijing
I rode on United's flight between Seattle and Tokyo with many of TAR10 teams Saturday May 27. The airport boarding area was 'buzzing' with couples dressed alike who were followed by camera crews. Each couple wore matching numbered tags on their backpacks and were dressed alike. The pair next to me (Team #1) pointed out the window at another plane, not yet departing, and kept asking the flight crew about our on-time departure and arrival status. They also inquired about Chinese currency exchange rates for their next destination in Beijing.
I recognize the two blonds in Blogger K The Kuwaiti's pictures but no sight of Team #1.

I decided to actually take my lunch for once and spent fifteen minutes talking to an exceedingly helpful woman at the Seattle Film & Music office -- she'd even been at the starting line!

The starting line is: Kite Hill at Gas Works Park in Seattle! (So much for my guess of Snoqualmie Falls.) Here's an aerial map of the park. Kite Hill is the roughly circular thing in the upper left-hand corner of the map.
What she said: Phil and the teams were at the top of Kite Hill; the luggage was roughly where the "trail" in "Burke Gilman Trail" is located on the map, and the cars (black Mercedes) were lined up in the parking lot close to where the red blip on the trail is. There were 13 cars and 12 (!) teams. They set it up with a fireboat shooting jets of water out on Lake Union (off to the left side of the linked map), and floatplanes taking off and landing.
There were about 75 crew people and 40 crew vehicles.
It was quite rainy, though on and off, while they were filming. She expected somebody to slip while running down Kite Hill to get to their luggage, and in fact some of the crew did, but no contestants did.
After leaving the park, the teams had to find their own way to Sea-Tac, though they blocked off a number of streets and funneled them up Northlake Way to Stone Way, and they might have asked at businesses how to get to the airport.

Diversity is the word as 'Amazing Race 10' starts in Seattle
It was a rainy May morning when 12 teams of people charged down the hill in Seattle's Gas Works Park -- the official start of the 10th edition of CBS' reality show "The Amazing Race."

I was sent a tip that someone with a platinum  card or membership ? not sure how that works ? had tried to book a room at one of the Hyatt Hotels on Memorial Day weekend in Seattle , Washington but was told that it was booked for a special group .


 Beijing ,China (5/? )

Charlie's Blog Lynn and Karlyn explained that they had arrived in UB that morning on a train from the Chinese border. They had apparently driven from Beijing to the China-Mongolia border.
 TVGuide on line description:
Twelve teams of two begin their global trek in Seattle and then jet off to Bejiing.where they must find a clue in the Forbidden City .Later teams climb the Great Wall of China.
CBS Press~

   The race begins in Seattle, Wash. when Teams begin jockeying for available flights to the first destination, Beijing, China.  Once there, Teams are faced with their first Roadblock, which requires them to feast on a Chinese delicacy.  As the racers continue to navigate their way through the busy streets of Beijing, they are faced with the game's first twist.  Meanwhile, the racer's physical prowess is put to the test when they must climb a portion of the Great Wall of China.
From TV Guide hardcopy 8/28


Mongolia ( Wednesday, 5/ 31 )

  From CBS Press Release,Mongolia PitStop
TAR detectives find the Hotel Mongolia ! located in
  picture link
these people in Mongolia acted as Ferns for a team from Alabama:

Amazing Race
By Charlie
Wednesday, May 31 was cold and rainy in UB. Rachel and I went to the gym in the late morning and then enjoyed lunch at our favorite ex-pat watering hole.
As the lattes arrived, we saw a horde of alpha-humans charging through the courtyard of the monastery/museum across the street. Each team of two was followed by a cameraman and sound guy. The teams ran up to a temple, grabbed an envelope, tore it open, ran to a waiting jeep, loaded up and drove away.

Two young African-American women (Karlyn and Lynn from Alabama )  frantically interrogated the Mongolian bystanders. “Do you speak English? Do you speak English?”

“We need to get to Terelj. Where is it?”
“Can you show us?”
So we all piled in the Russian jeep and hit the road.
The instructions continued, saying that they should park their jeep in the village of Terelj, where they would meet some horses and a nomad who would help them with the horses.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia current date & Time

Ulan Bator, The Monastery of the Living Buddha ( thanks Chateau d if )

Possible destination that the post refered to:  Ref ( thanks Chateau d if )

intro flash thumbnail

Hanoi, Vietnam
per CBS
Teams will travel to such exotic locations as Kuwait, Mongolia, Beijing, Madagascar and Hanoi, Vietnam
In Vietnam, it's a custom to dye their teeth black ( thanks banzai & Neobie!)



Kuwaiti ( 6/9 )
k.thekuwati posts pictures of teams taken~ I took those pictures on Friday, around 8.15 am..
June 9th
I was at the airport this morning to bid farewall to a family member .. but you probably don’t care about that.
Anyway .. I was at starbucks, talking to family; then I see a bunch of people running out of the departure gates with large bags and tons of Camera Equipment. I realized it was a reality tv show, and couldn’t think of anything except the ‘Amazing Race’.
I took some pictures with my camera-phone (which are quite bad). Then my cousin and I decided to go see what the whole thing was about. I asked them if it was the Amazing Race, they said it was a ‘travel show’ .. fair enough.
Then I figured, they are probably on a task .. lets help em cheat. They needed directions to Kuwait Towers, told them to go down the aiport road, hang a right on 1st ring and follow the towers. Then they asked if I had any money.. I figured they are semi-celebrities, so I gave them a kd. Then the camera crew asked for my persmission to record .. couldn’t read the contract, way too blurry. I think I might have given someone my first-born.
I then followed them to the Kuwait towers, took a couple more pictures.

The teams I do remember (it was quite early that day)

1. Girl/Girl (pink and quite hot)[Dustin/Kandece]
2. Man/Women team (the woman had a prostethic leg)[Peter/Sarah ]
3. Asian team [Edwin/Godwin ]
4. Black team. [ Lyn/Karlyn]
5. Another Man/Woman team (woman wearing blue .. in the towers shot) [ Rob/Kim]
6. Yet Another Man/Woman team (Wearing yellow)[David/Mary ]

7. [Tyler/James ] 

All the pictures of the cars were taken at the Kuwait Towers; there were 7 cars   there and I saw one more on the way (total) .  The pictures look inverted because I took the shots from the rearview mirror of my car. Keep in mind that the cars don't necessarily represent the number of teams. I saw quite a few crew people (as seen in the shot taken by Nibaq).
The people in the khakis were the crew, each team had a camera man and sound man.


  Mauritius ,Africa 6/12
More sightings  ~
Izabela(posted at MetForums):

Izabela is vacationing in Mauritius ,Africa (June 12)
and captures a video of at least 2 of the teams performing a roadblock with crew in tow~
My husband and I witnessed a Roadblock on June 12 while we were holidaying in Mauritius.
..the couples started showing up between 10-11am - the first two were very close to each other.
The detour involved kayaking out into the ocean. Not sure what they did out there but they were gone for about 1/2 an hour on average.
From memory the first team to arrive was all female, the 2nd a guy and girl - all quite young. They completed the task in that order but the leading team got about 5 minutes in between them. 
We counted 5 teams in total.
The black female team were in the top five but unfortunately last. 
We saw the Asian guy but he was off on the side drinking water and cooling down so we cannot actually remember if we saw him with his partner.
The black woman who did the kayak was a bit overweight and I'd guess not the fittest - she nearly died after that one!
One final point - there were 6 kayaks on the beach - perhaps a FF meant someone avoided this task?
on another forum ,Izabela describes the teams a bit differently.
We counted 5 couples come and go within about an hour
..the couples we saw were a youngish all-girl team (winning), [Dustin/Kandice]
2nd was another young couple (a guy and girl), [Rob/Kim]
there was the token black couple, [Lyn/Karlyn]
an asian looking couple, and [Cho/Bro's]
a geeky looking couple.
The black woman who did the kayaking was absolutely exhausted after the kayak ride and fell on her butt after getting out of it.
I should clarify the above point. She really look p*ssed off and the pair of them weren't in much of a hurry - but we noticed that couples were held up for a couple of minutes and given water before running off to continue the race
more from Izabela posted at sucks

Here goes:
Team 1 : f/f as per video
Team 2: m/f as per video and looks like same as kuwait carpark to me
Team 3: m/m i am 80% sure it was same guy as "audition" tape
Team 4: m/f asian male and geeky female but not 100% sure as they were not sitting together and by geeky i mean she reminded me of lori in her stance/appearance and not playing up the the cameras as the first 3 teams. She sat on the sun bed under a tree and just waited quietly on spoke to the black female for a short time.
Team 5: f/f black - personally it looked like they did not want to be there in terms of all the other teams looking so competitive.

and more posted by Izabela @ sucks
Don't forget only the male is asian in that team and the female is what I call my token "Lori".
I would give them a good 20 mins after the 3rd team which was the young m/m team.
The young m/m team arrived 10-15 mins after the leading couples. This 3rd team seemed to catch up some time with this roadblock but still left 3rd.
Izabela:Hi !
We got the pic before the filming as all the crew ran off to tape the teams coming in
We were at Merville Beach Hotel which is near Grand Baie (sp?) top part from memory
No the teams were too busy to talk to LOL
No we dont know where they went next all we heard was "pit stop" but could not make out where due to the helicopter noise above (which I think you can hear through the whole video).

Izabelas Video Part 1

Part 2
Madagascar (6/13? )
the world is waiting writes ,

I heard from a reliable source that some woman had talked with one couple in the train and the couple said that they had flown from Madagascar to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Tampere and Ylöjärvi and then they had to travel with a train to Turku where they must find the cars and drive to quarry mines in Lohja
Turku & Helsinki, Finland  ( 6/16)
More info about the Finland spoiler: Some teams and camera crews were spotted at Turku's railway station at 5:20 pm last friday. Teams drove off towards east with Mercedeses. I'll try to get some info about how many teams were seen, or what they looked like. 

the world is waiting writes ,

Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:10 am

Here's some pics in a train from Tampere to Turku :)
I heard from a reliable source that some woman had talked with one couple in the train and the couple said that they had flown from Madagascar to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Tampere and Ylöjärvi and then they had to travel with a train to Turku where they must find the cars and drive to quarry mines in Lohja. What happened after that is unknown.
Signal checks in with more details!

I've read and heard about people seeing the contestants climbing in the Olympic Stadium's tower in Helsinki, and Phil was spotted in a park/restaurant in Helsinki, wich could also be true.
"Yes, they were also in Tampere week ago friday (june 16th), or actually Ylöjärvi, close to my home. I heard about it from my aunt who drives a taxi, and she had taken one couple from Tampere train station to Ylöjärvi and back. They were hurrying to catch the train to Turku. My aunt was first a bit shocked when few dark skinned americans passed others in the queue and jumped to the car with a man sitting on the front seat who had a  huge camera"

There was another sighting at the Helsinki train station june 16th. A "chinese" looking couple was seen running in the station with a camera man, and they had two other couples following them

Signal checks in with more info !!
Oh and also there is some info about their "task" in Ylöjärvi. Obviously it was some kind of obstacle course at swamp 
The landowner of the area is keeping his mouth shut, but nearby neighbours reported a helicopter and lots of people including security who kept the nosy ones far. The famous clue box was also seen there.
And I have scan for you, puddin :D
I also translated it. Here is the scan of article

And here's what it says:


If the travelling route of Amazing Race would finally reach Finland, then where would
the american reality-tv makers head for? Cultural sights that we don't have, or to the
crowded national parks in Lapland? Eyewitnesses have said that production crew looking
very much like the Amazing Race was seen in the middle on June on obstacle course at swamp
in Ylöjärvi.
Foreign production crew with fire trucks and helicopters circling the sky didn't go
unnoticed by local residents, even thought that security personnel kindly prevented the curious ones
to not come too close. Contestants speaking english ran with yellow/black envelopes and cameramen
filming also a box matching the descriptions of the series clue box on a nearby road.

The area is privately owned beautiful swamp area, which in this time of year has nests of cranes
and swans. At winter the 40 hectare swamp is used for skiing. Owner of the land area is not saying anything,
and the production team is not revealing the routes of the still unseen episodes.
If Amazing Race really visited on Pirkanmaa region, it will still take years until the
episode is seen here. Latest season shown by MTV3 was season 5, but in the US the season
currently on production would be 10th.

Belarus ?? ( June 18th ? guessing for now )
I got some new info,
Few sources have said that the race continued to Belarus after Finland. And I don't think it was just a connection point.

Switch out Belarus for:

Kyiv, Ukraine.
Rodina Mat  "Mother Russia".
It stands on a 40m plinth, on top a hill overlooking the Dnipro river. link

Desna Military Base ( Thanks to MrsEbbles & her DH! )


Atlas film studios in Morocco

Chariot Races

< Ouarzazate,Ouzoud Falls ( Thanks to gingher !)

Barcelona, Spain(6/21-6/22)

 06-21-06, 11:20 AM (EST)     
I can tell you that today and tomorrow the teams will be in Barcelona at some type of art museum or something doing something to do with a very large amount of tomatoes. 
letsgoracin has more to say about Barcelona ~

The place they will be doing it at is here -
Look for flights arriving into Barcelona at 8:35PM on the 21 (yesterday).
As I said, the event involved something with an EXTREMELY large amount of tomatoes.
No, this is not a first hand account. Don't really want to divulge the source.

There is a probability that they fly in from Paris according to my info. I'm not sure how you guys check this, but see if there is a flight from Paris to Barcelona that arrives in Barcelona at 8:35PM yesterday via Air France.

More info today from  letsgoracing @TWOPS. 
Here is my info from the June 21/22 Barcelona event. No, I will not reveal how I obtained this. I have also x'd out names of people from the show that are not important.

I have put interesting events in italics.
Schedule for Wednesday June 21, 2006:

8:00am – Crew all All WRP personnal and Prodimag staff in office.
8:30am - Location managers for GIANTS meet with Bob xxxxxx & xxxxx
9:35am xxxxxxxx 1148 Air France from Paris (xxxxxxxx Naguerol picks him up).
11:00am Mora takes xxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx through Giant route.
10:00am – xxxxxxx, xxxxxx & xxxxxx – REVIEW WITH LOCATION MANAGERS.
2:30pm – Cars leave for airport to pick up Executives.
3:00pm – xxxxxx, xxxxxx & Pol (loc mgr) depart for Colonia Guell. 5 Helpers to unload.
3:30pm – First Executive flight arrives – prepare to go see course. xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx & xxxxxxxxxx join tour.
8:00pm – Security at Colonia Guell
5:00pm – 20,000 Kilos of Tomato’s deliver care of xxxxxxx Chase
5:00pm – xxxxxxxx meets xxxx Cameraman at office to go to Airport!!
5:00pm – Giants arrive at Maremagnum for Host stand up. Jarrod xxxxxxx stationed here.
6:30pm – Shoot host stand up. Jarrod assists.
7:00pm – First art picture car delivered to Colonia Guell.
7:00pm – Analysis of Tomato Pile (xxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx).
7:30pm – Gates locked at hours of operation !!!!
8:35pm – Second Executive flight arrives with xxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx
8:35pm – Possible first contestant arrival to Barcelona
9:15pm – First teams hit Hours of Operation

Schedule for Thursday June 22, 2006:

6:00am – Make room for other truck to arrive at Tomatoes (Location Manager must be there).
6:30am – Crew call all locations and office. ALL DRIVERS AND PAS.
9:00am – Craft service ready near the mat.
10:00am – Race begins !!!!
11:30am – Catering ready at pit stop hotel 11:30am to 4:00PM"[/color][/b]

introcap thumbnails~
Cristobal Colon in Barcelona ( thanks moox & me )

Tibidabo Hill in Barcelona ( thanks Chateau ! )
Paris / NewYork , NY ( 6/23 -6/24 )
The CBS press release states :
The final three teams on THE AMAZING RACE 10 sprint towards the finish line after traveling more than 40,000 miles in under 30 days, spanning four continents and 13 countries.

Thanks to Coretti@Twop's posts ~  (6/24)
( posted on Jun 24, 2006 @ 3:37 pm )

So, uh, I think I *may* have come across racers today. I do not have actual 100% confirmation that it was TAR, but this is what I saw:
~1:15 PM, 6/24/06
49th between 6th and Rock. Center, right outside one of the NBC entrances (not that they were going in).
All female African-American team (as mentioned in that thread that was linked to on the last page)
Getting out of a cab that was from Newark (which made it stand out more from the traditional NYC cabs).
Two crew with them - one boom mic operator, one cameraman.
The girls got out of the cab and asked a local for directions - the mic operator then had to get the person to sign a release and the team looked very impatient while they were waiting.
The biggest tip-off for me was that one of the crew had a yellow "K" tag, and having just re-watched Season 7, it looked exactly like the tags that everyone has on their bags
I was on a flight from Paris to New York on June 24 with 3 TAR teams - 2 young guys, 2 african american women and a man & woman. 
At ticketing, my friend  asked the two african american women what tv show it was for. 
One of them answered, "You don't need to worry about it, just move out of the way".  We wound up sitting in the bulkhead between business class and coach, near the bathrooms. 
The man from the man/woman team came over to us and asked if we knew where The News Building was in New York City - he even showed us the clue. 
We tried our best to help him out - even gave him some money.  We asked him lots of questions, most of which he couldn't divulge. 

Air France flight 8600 from Charles DeGalle to JKF.  Departed 6/24 @ 825am
While walking thru airport to get to the right terminal I spotted two rugged-looking young guys, a camera man and what looked like a production person. 
When we got to the terminal and checked in, the agent said they had overbooked the flight and would we mind being bumped to a later flight in exchange for $150 voucher, which we agreed to. 
However, the agent said we might still be on that flight and to check back later. 
We went to cash our vouchers at the ticketing office and the two young guys were there with a stack of passports, which I assume is for themselves and the crew that travels with them. 
When we went back to see if we were going to be on the first flight, we saw the two guys in line to check in and that's when we saw the african american women with their own cameraman. 
When we were called up by an agent, my friend walked in front of the camera, asked her question and got rebuffed. 
We found out that we were going to be on the first flight and after checking our baggage, left walking in front of the camera again.
From what I could tell, each team has their own camera man and sound guy.
Plus there's someone that looks like a production person, but I'm not sure if there's one for every team.
It's difficult to tell from the pictures that have been posted if they are the ones I saw - the african american women for sure, the man/woman team in blue is a possibility.
I keep everything....

Via Tarflies one_hardja

I spotted the teams in Paris.. YES, PARIS.. In Eiffel tower. I saw the clue box and camera crews on the top of Eiffel tower.. It was Friday, 23 June 2006, in the morning..
I could post some pictures if you guys want them.. Actually the crews warned me twice not to take photos of the teams..
Here are the pictures that I managed to get in Paris, Eiffel Tower.. It was Friday, 23 June, around 9 to 11 am.. 


other possible locations ~
Dubrovnik, Croatia ??  
There's a rumour going around on another site (site not in English, so no point in linking it) that an older team was walking in the Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia (no cars allowed).

New Delhi, India
k.kuwati: "They most likely came from DEL (Delhi, India); based on the times."


credits ( for now , will update later if I missed someone , sorry in advance )
realityblurred / k.thekuwaiti  /Twop's / drsmartassphd /letsgoracing / Pedaler / Chateau d if /Slowhatch/ Gman / Kogs /Boingo/ sucks / MissWendyWings / bondishnz / TAR  /RTVW(Blows)/MetForums & Izabela/charlierose/jennblevin/Signal / MarleeRojas/jlaw /one_hardja ......)

Neobie Route Map

Thanks to mwooden updated on 10/29
Updated route spec with the UKRAINE  :yess: leg!

EP1: Seattle, WA (USA) to Beijing, China (EL #1)
EP2: Beijing, China to Gachuurt, Mongolia (EL #2)
EP3: Gachuurt, Mongolia to Hanoi, Vietnam (EL #3)
EP4: Hanoi, Vietnam to Halong Bay, Vietnam (EL #4)
EP5: Halong Bay, Vietnam to Chennai, India (NEL #1)
EP6: Chennai, India to Kuwait City, Kuwait (EL #5)

EP7: Kuwait City, Kuwait to Grand Baie, Mauritius
DATES: June 11-12, 2006 (SPOTTED ON BEACH JUNE 12 AM)
EV: Teams spotted on beach in AM of June 12
TASKS: Something involving kayaks near Merville Beach Hotel, Lashti statue, schooner match

EP8: Grand Baie, Mauritius to Madagascar
DATES: June 13-14, 2006
EV: Told by one racer "couple" to a Finnish woman in the train, confirmed by CBS
TEAMS: 5 left at END of episode (Mary/David eliminated – EL #6)

EP9: Madagascar to Lohja, Finland
DATES: June 15-16, 2006 (SPOTTED ON TRAIN JUNE 16)
EV: Told by one racer "couple" to a Finnish woman in the train, tank?
TASKS: Climbing tower at Helsingin Olympiastadionilla, not known how they travelled from Helsinki to Tampere (maybe with a train since teams with cameras spotted in the train station), proceed to Ylojarvi (to do obstacle course in swamp), and back to Tampere, train to Turku where cars waiting at the station, task at quarries in Lohja
TEAMS: NEL #2? 5 left at END of episode

EP10: Lohja, Finland to Kiev, Ukraine
DATES: June 17-18, 2006
EV: Statue of the Motherland, tank (?)
TEAMS: 4 left at END of episode (Dustin/Kandace, Lynn/Karlyn, Tyler/James, Rob/Kim – Dustin/Kandace or Erwin/Godwin eliminated) (EL #7)

EP11: Kiev, Ukraine to Ourzazate, Morocco
DATES: June 19-20, 2006
EV:  Atlas film studio, chariot racing
TEAMS: NEL #3? 4 left at END of episode

EP12: Ourzazate, Morocco to Barcelona, Spain
DATES: June 21 (arriving around 8:35pm) – June 22, 2006 (ending in afternoon)
EV: Spotted/Race agenda revealed, Christopher Columbus statue
TASKS: Something involving tomatoes, something in Colonia Guell (art picture car?), something at Maremagnum
TEAMS: 3 teams left at END of episode (Tyler/James, Rob/Kim, Lynn/Karlyn - Dustin/Kandace or Erwin/Godwin eliminated) (EL#8)

EP13: Barcelona, Spain to Paris, France to New York City, New York (USA)
DATES: June 23-24, 2006
EV: All remaining teams spotted at Eiffel Tower (Paris), Lynn/Karlyn spotted near Rockefeller Center (NYC)
TASKS: Climb Eiffel Tower (Paris), go to News Building (NYC) – something involving globe?
TEAMS: 3 teams race to finish (Tyler/James, Rob/Kim, Lynn/Karlyn)

adding this, from CBS Press:  :yess:

A New Twist Jolts "The Amazing Race"(ers) Who Dash Through
Helsinki, the Ukraine and Morocco

CBS's hit series will take center stage in November with compelling episodes of the Network's dramas; romance, dating and laughs from its hit comedies; and surprising twists and turns in SURVIVOR:  COOK ISLANDS and THE AMAZING RACE 10, as the two reality series near their finales.

Sunday, Nov. 5      THE AMAZING RACE 10 -- A new, never-before-seen
(8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)   twist, shocks the Racers and causes teams to join forces. Phil Keoghan hosts.

Sunday, Nov. 12      THE AMAZING RACE 10 --Every second counts as the
(8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)   remaining teams make their way through Helsinki.  Phil Keoghan hosts.
Sunday, Nov. 19      THE AMAZING RACE 10 --The remaining teams
(8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)   continue their race through the Ukraine. Phil Keoghan hosts.

Sunday, Nov. 26      THE AMAZING RACE 10 -- The tension mounts as the
(8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)   remaining teams continue their mad dash through Morocco.   Phil Keoghan hosts.

Maybe, just maybe we will get to the East first.

Chateau d If:
Having grown up in the Seattle area I have to wonder where they would start.  I thought (everybody say it!) the Space Needle.  But that was basically visited in TAR4 (when they went to the International Fountain).  Maybe something to do with Boeing?  Microsoft?

But what really clicked in my head is to start on Mt. Rainier or even better, from the ashen slopes of Mt. St. Helens.

Good guess Chateau :yaya: . Quick google and I spotted the Tacoma Dome , link is for calendar of events .


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