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Survivor Women Score Soap Cameos

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Survivor Women Score Soap Cameos
Popular Survivor castaway Stephenie LaGrossa will visit Guiding Light on Thursday, June 8! She'll appear as a waitress in the Cooper family's restaurant, Company. Survivor fans fondly recall Stephenie from the Palau and Guatemala seasons. If that girl could kick butt in a primitive fire-making challenge, she should have no trouble serving Springfielders their morning cuppa coffee.

In related news, two women from Survivor: Panama Exile Island will drop by Guiding Light on Thursday, June 22.

Tammy Faye look-alike Melinda Hyder who was voted off Panama early on plays a waitress. Spunky finalist Cirie Fields a fan-fave who scored herself a GMC Yukon plays an internal affairs detective from the Springfield P.D. Perfect role for the no-nonsense Cirie!

stephame????????? lagrooossssssssssa is right

Yeah!  I'm gonna mark my calendar to watch Steph & Cerie.  Good for them!  :jumpy:

Good for Cirie... WOW that shockes me about Melinda

I don't recall any survivor voted off as early as Melinda, who got a soap opera part!  ???


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