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--- Quote from: puddin on May 29, 2006, 06:42:36 PM ---I have one thing to say and I know you all don't want to hear it ...*clears throat*

ROMBER-OWNED !!  :hearts:

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So what is with CBS's call for applications for TAR11 with deadline June 2 and with interviews scheduled for July and August around the country and with shooting scheduled to start in October??


--- Quote from: jeffreysg on May 29, 2006, 05:54:52 PM ---What happened to Reichen and Chip. I thought they were LIFE partners?  :lol3:

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Of course I got the scoop on this...Reichen and Chip were in DC the week after or of the premier of their season.  A local gay newspaper got an interview with them.

Turns out Reichen has buddies in DC. Allegedly (LOL) Reichen said that him and chip were never married that was a CBS decision to promote it that way so they were just 'dating'. Yet as of the premier they had split - allegedly (LOL) due to stuff that came out in the race.

I recently saw Chip on a Gay/Lesbian reality reunion show (variety of contestants) talk show about their experience. Chip/Reichen split seemed to be a sore subjuect, so I'm assuming like most break-ups in the gay community it was hard and both were  bitchy...LOL

The only reason they would do it unless they have reconciled is the cash which makes me think they will be interesting to watch in the race.


Jeffrey Scott:
Yes, just like any divorced couple. LOL, it should be great!

I know some fans are totally agains't the idea of an all star dition, but I am all for it.  Hell it would have to be better then the family edition. 

Plus take this latest season, and how everyone said that the teams that keep winning (eric and Jeremy/ BJ & Tyler) were just competing agins't crappy racers.  Which is true to an a degree, every season has teams that just just have no chance of winning.

I would love to see a race of seasoned racers, compete and have them all put through some serious travel and competition. 

But if htey do this they need to keep it difficult.  No real easy locals, no real easy stunts, no stupid lame ass marketing (unless a part of a really hard stunt, I have no problem with that).

As for Reichen and CHip, funny but the 2cd to last episode 4th season  was the fourth ever episode of the Amazing Race I watched and it was when I became hooked (its like crack).

I had watched 2 episodes in season 2 (the final two episodes with Cha, Cha, Cha), and I was so upset that they were eliminated I didn't watch the rest of hte season.  Next season I worked during that time, and then forgot all about it.

But being gay, I thought how cool that the two teams I say featured one very cool but somewhat sterotypical gay team (and the one team still in it that seemed to be nice people and having a ball), and hten Riechen and Chip two people in a realationship (not for me to judge, after all most all realationships end now days), and they were very driven and competitive.

I have been hooked ever since.  And even when I hate the players (Adam, Rebecca, Kendra, Flo, Ray, Victoria, Jonathan), I still love the show.

And with the Family Edition, and then season 9's rotating days and loss of viewers purhaps this is a way to rekindle some interest.


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