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All Stars Teams (  elimination order boot list  )
John Vito & Jill :yes:
Kevin & Drew :yes:
Mary & David :yes:
Rob & Amber :yes:
Teri & Ian :yes:
Bill & Joe :yes:
Uchenna & Joyce :yes:
Danny & Oswald :yes:
( Final 3 )
Charla & Mirna:yes:
Dustin & Kandice:yes:
Eric & Danielle (winners?) :yes:  ;)
Realityfanforum Episode Guide
EP1: "I Told You Less Martinis And More Cardio."
EP2: "Beauty Is Sometimes Skin Deep." 
EP3: "I'm Sorry I'm Wearing A Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know." 
EP4:"No Babies on the Race!" 
EP5: "You Need To Watch Your Jokes, Guy."
EP6: "We're Going To Trade You For Food Now."
EP7/EP8 "If I Were In Town, I Would Ask For Your Number" 
EP9: - "The Way You Look, Yeah."
EP10: "We Are Trying To Make Love, Not War."
EP11: "Good Doing Business with You."  
EP12: "Oh My God, The Teletubbies Go To War."
EP13: "Low to the Ground, That's My Technique."
Miami, Florida to Quito, Ecuador (11/20-11/22  )

looks like the starting line is the Charles Deering Historical Estate, Miami FL. and the first pitstop is the Hacienda Yanahurco , Quito, Ecuador. ( both locations verified through phonecalls by georgiapeach )

No FN Usernames Left   @ sucks ( posted on 11/20/06 ) @ 1:46 pm

*At the gate, I only saw Romber and JVJ(?). I saw Charla & Mirna talking to the ticket agent getting their tickets, and cutting a bit for the camera just after they purchased them. There were two other teams and Team Guido after them. I think Team Guido was the last team in line, but again it was hard to tell, because they were in a big cluster including the 6 cameramen and sound guys assigned to them. All I know is some tall guy with kind of a big nose wearing something that looked (from a distance) like a straw cowboy hat was up at the counter talking to the agent.

* They're at Gate A7 of Miami International Airport waiting for an American Airlines flight to Quito, Ecuador
* I thought they were scheduled to leave at 3:05, but it turns out they were leaving at 3:50; so I got there too early to see all the teams
* Romber was done at the ticket counter about half an hour before Charla and Mirna. By the time Charla & Mirna left, 2 or 3 teams had caught up. Charla almost left her passport and ticket with the ticket agent. He had to call her back to get them.
* I don't know if this will help, but Rob & Amber were wearing their matching Red Sox caps, and Team Guido were wearing their fleece jackets with "Team Guido" stitched into the back. So, if the players were instructed to dress similar to the way they dressed last time they were on the show.
Atacama Desert, Chile ( 11/22-11/23?)
CBS press
Sunday, Feb. 25 
(8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)             
THE AMAZING RACE:  ALL-STARS -- The second team is eliminated in Chile.
USA Today
** How did Race challenge contestants who knew the drill? "We had to throw them curveball after curveball, because they all thought they knew what we were doing again," Van Munster says. So the 45,000-mile, 28-day race, which ended Dec. 19, sent them "from extreme cold to extreme heat," a desert in northern Chile to "borderline South Pole" in Antarctica.
Slowhatch finds yet another Blog entry:
San Pedro de Atacama ( posted on 11/23 )
**Apparently Amazing race is in town today, so we´re going to sniff that out.
Petrohue and Metri, Chile (11/24 )

Punta Arenas, Chile (11/25 ---  )
Ushuaia, Argentina ( --11/28  )

RFF Detectives team work

Slowhatch posts a travel pod blog: with pictures of Eric & Danelle.
Chateau d if also spots Danny & Oswald in the Zodiac boat with eric & Danielle.

**Ushuaia, Argentina   

 posted on Monday, Nov 27, 2006  , saw the Racers on 11/26 ??

Alter a 7 hour flight with a terrible hangover from Thanksgiving, we arrived in Ushuaia, the southern most city in the World!!!! It really feels like it…the sun rises around 4:30 AM and does not set until 10:30 PM. We went on an excursion that took us through the Beagle Channel where we stopped at several islands to see the sea lions, birds, and some famous lighthouse. The following day Dave and I headed out to the Tierra del Fuego Nacional Park. We did a few small treks and at the southern most point of the park where Route 3 ends, we ran into contestants from the AMAZING RACE!!! (that might be the most exciting thing we saw in Ushuaia) Dave and I tried to run and get in on the action but we were ignored. PS, it is soooo staged. I don't have many pics because I need my battery to last longer

UshuaiaSighter posted (11/28/06 )@ sucks at 5:13 pm.
*Hi to all. I'm doing a trip through South America and I'm now in Ushuaia, Argentina (southern most city in the world).
*About an hour ago Bill and Joe (Team Guido) entered an internet cafe/calling center (locutorio) with a cameraman and a soundman. They wanted to call a few airlines (Aerolinas Argentinas and South African Airlines). I guess they are heading to South Africa then.Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I was in a rush and the cameraman was intimidating! "

*Hi, me again. A few more informations:
The locutario where the pics were taken was at the corner of 25 de Mayo and San Martin in Ushuaia. It was taken at about 19h15 Ushuaia time (17h15 NYC). The sunset here is at about 22h15.
*The girl is definetly not Emily. Sorry guys. It was just a Fern.
It still takes a long time to get to Antarctica from Ushuaia, by boat at least (a few days). So if they went to Antartica, it was by small planes.
I spent the last 2 days around town and haven't seen anybody else. I also went to most of the landmarks in Ushuaia yesterday evening to try to find a pitstop, detour or roadblock, without sucess. And Ushuaia is not a big town, so I guess they just stopped in town to call. The others might have gone straight to the airport. Bill and Joe probably arrived by bus because the buses around here drop you at the corner of Maipu and 25 de Mayo. The locutario they were in would be the first you see after being dropped from a bus. So I guess the pitstop was eather in the Tierra del Fuego Natl Park, or maybe at Estancia Harberton (the biggest and oldest estancia in Tierra del Fuego, typical TAR pitstop).

*I think they already had their plane tickets out of Ushuaia to probably Buenos Aires. It's a pain to get out of Ushuaia by eather plane or bus these days. You have to book way in advance. So it would be impossible for 8-9 teams + crew to just hop on a plane. So I guess the tickets were handed to them, with 2 or 3 departing times.

*Finally, the guidos didn't look like they were in a really good mood. They had their serious face. It doesn't really indicate anything but they might have been at the middle or the back of the pack.


Maputo/Mozambique ( & Tanzania & Kenya ?) Africa ( Nov - Dec 6th? ( Note:  We are thinking 3 legs in Africa)  )

  nkatekwan posted at Twop's
Some friends of mine are Peace Corps vols in Mozambique and claim that the race came through Maputo sometime between Thanksgiving and December 7. One of the destinations was the old Portuguese fort (pictured here: Unfortunately they didn't have any other details. This does seem consistent with the spoilers that teams were on their way to South Africa, as Maputo is usually reached through Joburg

  Maputo: Portuguese fort on East Timor street
Slowhatch finds a blog entry posted on Dec 8th
* I think this is the blog of the Peace Corps workers mentioned earlier. It's only a couple of lines near the bottom of the page:
**p.s. They just filmed the amazing race in Maputo!! I don´t know any details but I have been to the fort where the pit stop was.
Chateau d if:
*Here is the fort:  Fort of Nossa Senhora da Conceiao, GE even has the "ring of cannons" Picture link

Warsaw, Poland ( 12/7-12/8?  )
33. Boingo: Equestrian statue of King Jan III Sobieski, victor at Battle of Vienna (1683), trampling a vanquished Turk. Łazienki Park. Warsaw, Poland.
EP5 gives us a confessional by the Guidos : "Eric & Danielle were kind of competing in a foot race like olympic atheletes ..and we out ran them"
credits to samiam and the TAR Detectives :)
Lazienki Palace

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( 12/9-12/10 ?)

 izad writes @ sucks: (on 12/4)
*Have they actually started racing? I know someone who supposedly was contacted to 'help with the production team', that they will be in Malaysia this weekend. Should I start camping out at the airport?
*I'm still a little iffy about this info though.. Does anyone know when/if the race has actually started? it wouldn't make sense for them to start flying into Malaysia if it's still early in the show, would it? 
*More info from my intel.. they will be in Malaysia from the 9th to 12th December . I'm trying to find out where exactly the roadblocks/detours will be so I can have more than one chance of getting their pictures.

Izad posts (on 12/10)

* 5 teams passed through Malaysia..... 4 were seen and documented 
izad adds:
*Those are the orders that they came in. Charla and Mirna got a huge lead. :) The other three teams came in close within each other.
*There five teams in this leg because I'm a good listener.
 *again, since I did not personally see the fifth team, I'm going to take it with a grain of salt..
*from what I 'heard' - an African American couple who got delayed on their flight. with the fifth team, it's not an eye-witness account like the other four, so I can't confirm if what I heard was true.. so y'all can still speculate.

( Hindu temple at Batu Caves , North of Kuala Lumpur )

Charla/Mirna                    Danny/Oswald                        Dustin/Kandice                            Eric/Danielle

**The Chas arrived at exactly 10:00am which means they were pretty close with the BQs.
Though Charla/Mirna has a huge 2 hour lead, don't go nuts yet and discount the possibility of them having an equalizer after this route marke **In order of arrival at the route marker:

(2 hour gap)
The Chas
(10 minutes gap)
The BQs
(30 minutes gap)
Hong Kong ( 12/11- 12/13? )

apskip posted  at Twop's on Dec 12, 2006:

I have received information that Oswald and Danny and Dustin and Kandice have been spotted in Hong Kong. There was no mention of any other teams.
Blog ... if you can read between the lines
( posted on Dec 13th which may fit in with apskips, friends sighting as posted on the 12th )
*saw the filming of amazing race!
oh my tian. the contestants ran pass me can.
then he camera man ran withh them. hahaa.
*Dustin and Kandice were spotted in Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong (outside a school). They were holding a yellow clue (from my friend). I think it is a detour
*Sorry if I have been confused... Maybe it is not siu sai wan, maybe chai wan? somewhere with name in 'wan' in hong kong
36. Chateau d if & Neobie: Statue Square, Central, Hong Kong. This shot is was taken here next to the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong.

Another Hong Kong confirmation thanks to newbie schwarzmoor and peach.

Macau (12/13-12/14? )

--- Quote from: Slowhatch on March 07, 2007, 12:18:22 AM ---Here's a 14 Dec sighting, but I'm not sure how reliable it is.
--- Quote ---I recognised one of the pairs (Danny or Oswald I think) from Season 2 but he was partnering with another guy.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

fashionblue: I happened to be in Macau going back to Hong Kong on 14 Dec and I saw the Amazing Race teams there. It was obvious because the camera men were rushing to film the teams buying the ferry tickets. I recognised one of the pairs (Danny or Oswald I think) from Season 2 but he was partnering with another guy. And when I boarded the ferry, Phil was seated behind me. I casually joked, "oh so the AR teams are here huh?". He just smiled. When I asked if I could take a pic with him, he said "I'll be in deep trouble if I do that!".

--- Quote from: schwarzmoor on March 08, 2007, 07:28:19 AM ---A resume of lady living in Macau

--- End quote ---

11. schwarzmoor:  it is Lou Lim Ieoc Garden from Macau, next to Hong Kong
22. Neobie: Sure looks like Hong Kong to me!

Yigo, Guam (12/15- 12/16)
Reports at AFB they saw Ucheena & Joyce the Guidos and Dec 15th but missed Phil @ CO's counter checking on for the flight to Nagoya/Honolulu.
chevy posted on posts on Dec 16th( was on Guam for business this week ): saw a few of the All-Star teams complete in some challenges/Roadblock: Charla/Mirna were first with (again) a huge lead Eric/Danielle were next followed by...BQ's and...Cha Cha Chas's ( from what he wrote to Brad/foxburns )
Babalu's sister : sees U/J the Chas & Guidos on the flight from Guam to Honolulu on Friday Dec 15th
LiquidSapphire /AFB reports : the demanding blonde's and other contestants on DEC 16th on flight to Narita and then Honolulu.
chevy at posts:
You will be surprised on who the final 4 will be. I had the opportunity to see all 4 teams in action during a stop in Guam in Dec. IT was very interesting to see what goes behind the filming. It will be interesting to see what actually makes it on TV. They probably filmed for a couple of hours to get just a few minutes of final footage. When the epsiode airs, I will give you more of my take on the "realism" of the tasks accomplished.
Amazing Race Visits Guam
PNC Staff Reporter 16.DEC.06
10:22am Look out for a Guam stop in next season’s “The Amazing Race”. Guam was paid a visit by competitors of that reality TV show.
Guam was apparently a stop, and competitors were on Andersen Air Force, being filmed. The Pacific News Center contacted Air Force Officials, who confirmed the film crew was on base, but could not comment any further.

source PNC

Honolulu, HI (USA) (12/16-? )

To sum up Babalu's, sisters sighting:
( posted Friday Dec 15th )
*My sister called me this morning (just before 9:00 Hawai'ii time). She's a flight attendant on Air Micronesia and said that a "bunch" of TAR All-Stars teams were on her flight from Guam to Honolulu. She was calling me from the plane, which had just landed.
* They'd stayed at Anderson Air Force Base on Guam - had gotten in the previous morning and left the following day.
*These 3 teams may not have gone to Sequesterville (or may have gone to a short-term, different Sequesterville).
*They're probably teams #6 (Guidos), #5 (Uchenna/Joyce), and #4 (Chas) / Danny & Oswald
*Kath asked Danny if Rob/Amber and some of the other racers were another plane, and he said something like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's another plane."

*indications that these were eliminees:

* - my sister comped drinks to the people on her side of the plane, but she noticed that some of the racers on the other side were paying for drinks, which she thought they wouldn't have done if money was 
* nobody was asking any questions about transportation, where anything in Hawai'i is, etc. They all seemed really calm and relaxed. Kathy said that Uchenna asked her how long the delay would be, but it was only to find out if he had enough time to buy the Guidos a bottle of vodka at Duty Free. 
G'day from Australia and NZ : Our trip back was quite interesting. We left Cairns at 1:30am and flew to Guam arriving at 6:30 am. We then got a room and slept for a couple of hours and then got back on the plane had a stop over in Japan and then arrived in Hawaii for 24hours where we tried to get used to the time difference and enjoyed the last warm days of our trip. One interesting thing that occurred to us on our travels was that we ended up on a flight with the Amazing race. They were taping the next season and it was cool to see what was going on behind the scenes.
Our trip was awesome. We met some amazing people on our way and hand some wonderful experiences. (posted on DEC 19th )


--- Quote from: Slowhatch on March 06, 2007, 10:54:24 PM ---A blog entry about Shipwreck beach, with a photo of an "amazing" traffic arrow.

--- End quote ---
" Enter Shipwreck Beach. The real, live shipwreck is in the background. The arrow is there to direct teams from that reality show "Amazing Race". Apparently they were filming an episode that weekend." ( posted on Dec 21st )
5. Slowhatch: An old liberty ship on Shipwreck Beach in Lanai, Hawaii.
Slowhatch: The flight, fwiw.  :plane:

Honolulu, HI to San Francisco, CA.   (12/17)
Race ends here
**On Dec. 17, the SF Recreation and Park Department closed Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park from 10 a.m. to approximately 12:30 p.m. for the filming of the reality television show, "The Amazing Race."
( credits to gukfata21 @ tarflies   )


side notes:

Thanks to Romeo2020 , who confirms the 11 All-Stars racing. ( :yes:  :yess: Way to Go Romeo!! )
* Romeo: Interesting thing is The Guidos and Teri/Ian lasted longer than Romber! =)

Interviews with sequestered racers have indicated that only 5 teams were sequested in Acapulco, Mexico: 

Reality TV World:  Did being sequestered together change your feelings for each other or for any of the other teams?

John Vito:  Eventually there were five teams there, so it wasn't just like one-on-one time.  We spent a lot of time with the group hanging out together.  I think we got to know people more and I think that everybody we were with are good people and I enjoyed spending the time with them to get to know them... although none of us wanted to be there.

tvguide interview:Amazing Race's Host Gets Down and Dirty

I was excited the other day to talk to Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race. I've watched the show religiously since Day 1 and I was always under the impression that Phil had it pretty easy. I envisioned him sitting in a cozy air conditioned room getting a call when the contestants were getting close to the mat and he'd just step out. I however was completely wrong. The super nice host told me how he normally loses about ten pounds a season, and gave me insights on some of the trials and tribulations that he and his crew faced this season alone . In addition to losing his bag at one point and having to do an emergency shopping trip, they had to change locales on a moments notice.

"We had to change the location of a pit stop because the teams weren't going to get to a certain place at a certain time. Everything was changing and evolving. We were flying ahead to where the pit stop was going to be, and flew a number of hours to this location only to find out when we landed that the teams weren't EVER going to be able to make the route. We had to put 40 something bags back on the plane and fly all the way back again, then we ended up at a place where we weren't meant to have a pit stop, so things were a little sketchy and there were 12 of us at one point lying on the mat at three in the morning swatting mosquitos."

"On one part of the race, the teams were so spread out that there was a **17 hour difference between first and last. The first teams were leaving and I was still waiting another five hours for the last team to come in. We always hope that if we have a long spread we're at a nice pit stop. It doesn't always work like that. If you are in the salt pans in Botswana, and the teams are spread out 14 hours, it isn't like you move from the mat to a comfortable place. You are on a salt pan for however many hours it takes, or on a junk in Hong Kong bobbing up and down for 13 hours."

"I wash my hair on the side of the road, because a lot of times I can't get to a shower. I have a portable steamer and carry my own clothes. There's no wardrobe or makeup out there. It is just me. I'm not complaining, I love it because I don't want to be stuck in a studio. I just think it is not what people imagine. "

"There is one pit stop early on this season when we are at the end of a dirt road, in a very dry place, the only shelter was a rain umbrella. We were just drenched with sweat. I think I went through about 14 bottles of water. The only place to sit down was on top of a cooler or an equipment case. I don't know what people imagine I'm doing. It's not like there's a trailer out there. [Laughs] But I wouldn't have it any other way." 

** we know this happened in Europe thanks to the IGN interview

mwoodens speculated timeline ( last updated on 2/15 )

EP12: Macau to Yigo, Guam
FILMING DATES: December 13-15, 2006
EVIDENCE: Confirmed by Anderson Air Force Base

EP13: Yigo, Guam to Honolulu, HI (USA) to San Francisco, CA (USA)
FILMING DATES: December 16-17, 2006
EVIDENCE: Sequestered teams en route from Guam to Honolulu, finish filmed in Golden Gate Park[/list]

Jeffrey Scott:
What happened to Reichen and Chip. I thought they were LIFE partners?  :lol3:

if this is true, as long as the bring in the better teams, it should be good.

Jeffrey Scott:

another thought, could this be premairing after the superbowl cause its on cbs this year? maybe they wanted to run tar instead of survivor this time. 15 teams no NELS? finish same time as this past season


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