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I think they should be called Team Dumbass.   

They had an opportunity to knock out a strong team but didn't.  If they had just given the Fogals the clue, Team Air Force would have been gone.

Geniuses indeeed   ??? ???

Didn't anybody make it to this show the traditional way? I've found evidence of several teams being chosen by casting agents; the lastest team I've found is the winners, who got cast because they were protesting Victoria's Secret (there's a joke in there, somewhere  :lol:). From the Dallas Morning News:
--- Quote ---Getting cast on the series was pure serendipity. Mr. Goldshmid, co-chair of Students for a Better Society, was holding a campus protest. It seems Victoria's Secret uses paper made from Canadian old-growth trees for its slick catalogs, a no-no in environmentalist circles. He, Mr. Khurana and another friend, Ben Wells, were approached by a casting director in town looking for contestants.
--- End quote ---


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