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Team Brown Family Eliminated

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The general theory is that the girls will not be able to continue and the Browns will be back.  Guess some of us will find out next week.  (if anyone is still watching, or if it is still on NBC)

I hope the Browns come back as they are just as entertaining as the Hanlons.  I know I shouldn't laugh but.... when they tipped over in the canoe, it was funny.  It was like watching a cartoon.  I feel bad for the guy that just learned to swim as I know it was terrifying for him to be in the water.  But I applaud him for getting back into the canoe and facing his fear head on.

it was time, it was time.  :groan:

 :groan: I knew there was something i wanted to watch tonight *groans* !

You really didn't miss much.  Lots more screeming and whining and bitching (I wish someone would really take her up on it when she says she wants to quit.)  Lots of hours and hours and hours of digging from late afternoon to sunrise looking for the buried death masks. Then "off to the camp" to rest up and wait for the others.  Doesn't seem to be any advantage to being first except perhaps you might get more sleep time.  Just don't be last.


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