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Team Wild Hanlons/Eliminated

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Horrible would be a better description than wild.

The fightin hanlons.  I am shocked they didn't go to a sponsored fast food stop.

They may be the only team to share "one" brain between them.  :beat:

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but did the Wild (Stupid) Hanlons spend 10 hours in the mine?  How long do these legs last?  Till the last team drops dead from exhaustion, or boredom.    :groan:   I can see it now, one week later, Team Hanlon trying to "bend the light" with a crowbar......    Give me a break.

I think the Morons (Genisus) might share only 1 brain also. :lol:

Boingo ,I think it was 11 hours  :lol:


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