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What a team.  :groan:  They made me laugh out loud looking for the departure times at the pier.   :lol3:

But then Papa Hanlon got mean.  I enjoy the cluelessness but abhor the jerkiness.

Hope they enjoyed their 15 minutes.

I love it when Young Teenaged Hanlon said, "I bet the clue is right in front of us and we don't see it" as he walked right by the clue.  Oh the Irony! :umn:

Well, it looks like I get to keep my life savings. Thank God. :tup: No more stupidity coming from those guys is a godsend and a joy to have on my TV screen.

Can I hear a YIPPEE!!!   :jumpy:   & a WOOWOO!!!   :woohoo:  for the fact that the Hanlons are gone!!!!  (Sorry but I'm a running a bit late with my TV watching). 

I wonder why the producers of the show didn't let them wear their coneheads and white sheets on the show.  ???

I've spent most of the day in airports and airplanes watching the first few episodes of the show on my laptop.

If anyone saw some guy at a gate waiting area or on a plane watching a video on his PC laughing out loud, that would have been me.   :-[

I am not a mean person, but those Hanlons were just as big d*psh*ts the second time around.  I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not.  They were just the most AMAZING reality team ever.

Maybe we'll see them in Amazing Race 11?  :jumpy: :woohoo:

(just kidding)


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