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I will ALWAYS wag my finger in your face

Ok...I sooooooooooooooooooo am rooting for them to get eliminated......

 :whisper: :-X

Website. As I mentioned before, there's a good image of the final map in their gallery.

Cheaters   (:;) :lies:

Journal Entry #2 - June 26, 2006
1. Reflections
After an extremely long drive from South Dakota all the way to Butte, Montana, we finally found Lexington Mine. The clue in the mine led us to Wood Bottom on the Missouri river. That evening we feasted around the campfire with the other teams, eating buffalo steak just like Lewis and Clark had done at that same spot. The grueling 20 mile canoe trip down the river the next morning took just about everything we had, but we stayed steady and connected as a family. The physical challenge on the river was only surpassed by the mental challenge we faced in deciphering the code at Tower Rock.


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