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I watched .. not bad 3 mill !! Congrats to the Genius's !! :cheer:

I was right about the annuities it seems, but I overestimated the amount. The finale (a post about the rehearsals here) was OK, but not great: I was a little disappointed because the last few weeks it seemed the producers and editors were finally getting their act together.
And the show in general? It surpassed TAR in a couple of areas (photography and clues, for example) but trailed in most others. It showed promise but I don't think it will be renewed. NBC has brought back other Magical Elves productions from dormancy (last comic standing), but travel-adventure shows like TAR and TH are expensive to produce, so I'm doubtful.

One last comment before it all gets archived. The "Key Industries" plant was bugging me because it didn't match the silo stack mentioned by most posters--Lehigh Cement (right across the harbor from Fort Mchenry; in the picture here, you can even see the fort flag lower-left). The actual spot turned out to be a little east of Lehigh (here).

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