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I guess I'll get the ball rolling. I've made progress on some items, and on other things I'll need some help. I'm going to break up the caps instead of making one really long post. First up: the Boston Light.

What makes it easy is that one sequence will sometimes explain something else. For example, a team is holding the ship medallion (location unknown) and someone says they have to go to Dover Castle to look for it. I could have looked for this cap a long time without making a connection. Kmz attached

The Gadsden flag. Significance: unknown (to me, anyway).

Fort Pulaski, near Savannah, Georgia. History here. The kmz is attached, but it's fuzzy; some high-res shots here and here.

The Lewis and Clark code is explained here. Their password was in fact "artichokes."
The "tower" in the message is almost certainly Tower Rock state park. This is a L&C journal entry describing the rock.
Remember the Montana sighting (here and here) we spent so much time on? It turns out to be TH. At the top of the tower (I'm just guessing here) teams find the message "something bottom Missouri River."


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