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Snickers is proud to present what I want to see in Episode 9
« on: November 20, 2003, 06:33:56 PM »
Episode 9 without commercial interruptions.....
Pre-episode what I think will happen, but probably won’t.

We open in on our Survivors at camp Bal boa returning from Tribal counsel.  Rupert gathers the women around for a group hug.  Drops his had and shakes it, saying, “ Well, poor Ryan, he had such potential as a fisherman. “
Sandra: “Yeah, and he was out biggest immunity threat.
Christa: “and he was trying to make us vote you out Rupert”
Rupert: “Darrah, Tijuana, thanks for coming to us and joining in our “Love tribe”.

Rupert Confessional:  “I’ve always wanted to be a sheep herder.  I had plans on moving to Scotland and roaming the hills.  Here, though the weather is better, and I’ve already got my Kilt and there’s plenty of food and no Loc-ness monster.

Burston Confessional: “Jon, Lil scout, and I decide we would lead the way for RyanO boot tonight.  He was way to underhanded, you just couldn’t trust the guy.   Now Jon he’s a trustworthy guy, and Lil’ scout’s my “ACE” in the hole.  I am a wolf in sheep’s clothes and I will lead her back to my Den.

Jon and I have decided we “ have to get” Rupert out next time.

The sun rises in the East as we see a flock of pelican swooping at Jon’s golden locks pecking out strings of hair for nest building and dropping sky bombs on him.  He runs down the beach flailing is arms out wild.  Then he dives into the bushes.

We see Burston, step out of the shelter and stretch out his gorilla arms, Lil’ scout toddles up with armload of twigs.  “Hey, Burston, look at all the firewood I collected”.  Do you think we’ll need more?”

Burston: (sucking in a yawn)  “Gosh, Lil’ Scout, your so handy to have around.  Have you seen Jonnie Fingerplay?”

Lil Scout: (in a soft voice) “I saw Jonnie Fingerplay heading south down the beach about 50 peaces then he turn west and ran 5 paces and dove beneath the Imaboringcharacter bush.
Burton thanks her and says to cover him while goes for a “walk”.

Camera follows Burston down the beach.  He follows Lil Scout’s directions but finds Jonnie Fingerplay hiding in the Youcanhearmeicanthearyou Shrub.
Burston: “We have to win Immunity, Rupert can’t win.
Jon;” Okay, Okay, yeah.  How we gonna do that?
Burston: We got make sure we win and he doesn’t’.
Jon: Okay you do that, and I’ll pretend to give up so, he thinks he has no competition.”

We see Sandra and Christa grabbing the water buckets.
Sandra to Christa: “Let’s go get some “water”.
Christa to Sandra:” Okay”.  They walk a bit. “Wow, I don’t think anyone knows we have a “secret” alliance, this is so cool.”  I feel like that Chick from Alias.  Do you think they will give me a guest appearance on the show?

Sandra: “No, but CSI Miami might have an opening for a Meth head.
Christa: “Really, that would be so cool, you know”.
Sandra; “”What are you talking about?”
Christa: “huh?”
Sandra wraps her had around Christa and mouths “SSHHHH”, forget it, listen, Jonnie Fingerplay and Burston are planning on taking, Rupert out.

Christa: Ahh, man, we thought of it first.”
Sandra: “That no good Jonnie Fingerplay.  Thinks they can get Tijuana and Darrah on their side.  We better include the girls in our beaded necklace circle later and solidify our friendship.
Christa: Don’t we need 5 to have a Coven?
Sandra: What the *uck have you been sniffing, this is Panama, not Salem.

Sandra confessional: Christa and I heard Jonnie Fingerplay and Burston, talking about sending Rupert home.  Well, we’ve go a plan for them.  Try to steal our idea, we will make them pay!”

Christa confessional:  Sandra said we are going to perform and extraction and send that Jonnie Fingerplay to Salem.  I can’t wait do you think CSI Miami really would take me?  I know some one who could hook them up with a cooker.”  Man, I hope I’m voted off next.”

Reward Challenge Tree mail:  I see London, I see France, and I don’t see Rupert’s underpants.

Lil’ Scout:  Wow, sounds like a vacation.
Darrah: I saw, RyanO ‘s, he was so respectful to me.

Reward Challenge arrival.
Tribe arrives at Camp Alliwantisashower Island:
JP: “Welcome, I hope you all had a decent night’s sleep?  Darrah, I hope you weren’t to cold.  Oh, and Ryano, ask me to give this to you.  JP walks up to Darrah and lays on her.  Darrah blushes and smiles twisting side to side with pleasure.

Now, today’s challenge will be like obstacle course.  First you will climb into the crow’s nest and scout out your treasure chest.  You will run out to the water retrieve your chest.  Run across the balance beam, climb up the rope ladder, to the platform, grab a shovel and shoot down the zip line, solve the puzzle to locate your “X”, once you locate your X start digging. Put you chest in the hole and put your flag on top.  The first on to finish wins reward.

Do you want to know what you are playing for?
Well, if you look out there you see a luxury cabin cruise, you will get a hot meal, a hot shower, and my “Toys R Us” Visa card to pay for it all. And as a special bonus your very own Geoffrey Giraffe stuffed animal.

Christa: Wow, I don’t wanna group up I wanna be a toys r us kid.
Sandra: you messed up girl
Lil’ Scout:  Oh, my boys would love that.

Survivor’s ready…Go
We see Jonnie Fingerplay get a good start then he falls flat on his face, not once or twice but three times.
Lil rush to his aid, why Jonnie, your laces are tied together let me fix that for you, dear.

Christa races to the top: Look a boat, where saved where saved, rushes down and starts building a fire in the dirt to attract the boat.

Sandra: Mumbles, “I’ve got the best F2 partner ever, I just got to keep people from voting her off.”

Rupert and Burton race up locate their chest and head out on their mission.  Finally Lil’ Scout and Jonnie head up.  Lil ‘Scout becomes all flustered and anxious she feels as though she might faint.  But soon recovers.
JP: “Come on join your still in this”, Rupert and Burston are digging their holes.  Sandra ‘s gaining.  Lil’Scout show em what you’re made have, come on.  “Christa, come back to Earth, you are playing a game.  Let’s go people, I haven’t got all day.  The locals have invited me to give a motivation speech tonight.

Okay, you can stop we have a winner…. Burston! … Now Burston you have a choice to make you can go or you can give it away.
Burston:  Well, I give it to Rupert because he shared with me.  (Underneath we here the song, and the crowd goes wild)  Okay, Rupert now, you can take someone with you, who would you like to share a shower with, oops, I mean who would you like to share the reward with, and you can’t pick Burston.

Rupert: Well, sharing is good, a shower is good, so I must be good and pick, a person that I have a non-secret Alliance with so, I will take Tijuana.

Tribe walks back to camp.  As the sun is about the set the Luxerary ship anchor off shore and JP and his Toys R us, Visa Card, pull in and meet with Rupert and Tijuana.  He hands the Geoffrey Giraffe to Rupert who offers it to Tijuana.  In the background, Darrah, Christa and Sandra all pout.

As the ship set off, everyone starts chattering.  “I can’t wait for Rupert to clean up”, Oh, yeah, I hope they wash his clothes in perfume.” Oh, wouldn’t that be the best.  
Christa I hope he shaves his beard it really tickles. Hehehe
All heads swivel “What are you talking about?”

Rupert offers Tijuana a chance to shower first, she declines saying that she needs to rest first.
Rupert takes his shower while he is in the shower Tijuana sneaks in and steals his clothes (good the woman is brave); she rushes to the sink on the cruiser.  Douse the clothing in Dawn dishwashing detergent. Then sneaks back and grab the hairdryer and dries the clothes for Rupert. And then Tijuana and they dress for dinner Rupert can hardly believe how clean and refresh he feels.  And is “shocked” the Tijuana cared so, much about his happiness that she washed and dried his clothes.  He offers her an opportunity to be in a “secret” alliance with him.   She humbly accepts, and they toast their good fortune.  Tijuana was smart enough to smuggle on a fanny pack and canteen.  She pours champagne into the canteen and smuggles oranges and Snickers Candy bars into the pack.

They return to camp and bestow their gifts on the others.  Everyone hugs.  Tijuana is now seen as a goddess to all for her bravery in touching Rupert’s clothing.

Everyone wakes up refreshed.  Although Darrah, feels that it’s too early to go get water.  We see Lil Scout fetching more wood.  Lil Scout to tribe: “Wow, I found this family of beavers and they were gnawing on some trees and when the trees fell, I just dragged them here.
Sandra:”aaaah” what are you doing, now there coming after you for the their trees.
Darrah: “I got tis covered, ach, abab, shoga, shoga.  (And we see the beavers retreat back into the woods.
Lil’Scout:  Where ‘d you learn to do that, would you come talk to my scouts?”

But then rudely interrupted by Jonnie Fingerplay:  I’ve got Tree Mail:
Blow hard, make it count,
First one who isn’t gone
Won’t be voted out
But that’s the same old song

Lil” Wow, I bet we have to play musical instruments.
I wish I had my harmonica

Jon: “cool”, maybe I can win this one!
Sandra” under her breathe:”yeah, and I’ve got a check for $1million dollars with your name on it. Sucker!

We see the Survivors toddle up to Challenge mat on Ibetrupertwillwinthistoo Island.
JP: Rupert, Tijuana, you are the 2nd and 3rd best smelling people on here.
But lets see how long this last:  I have eight different bamboo shoots here each a different color.  Normally you would shoot poisonous darts from these.  But as own insurance company, said they would drop us if we used darts or poison, they carry paintballs instead.
The object to protect you flag and be the only on standing with out paint.  If you are hit once or more you are out of the game.

Survivors Ready…Go

Jon, again the first one off to protect his flag, puts a paint ball in and blows, shooting him in the foot.
JP: Yet, another challenge you, Jon, will not finish. You may sit out. Punk.

Christa shoots and hit Lil’ Scout in the back.  Sandra scrambles behind a tree and ambushes Burston.
Darrah aims her bamboo at Christa and nails Tijuana.  Rupert charges forward not even lifting his bamboo, to get to his flag and protect it.  Sandra Flashes around and nails Darrah.

JP: Its between Christa, Sandra and Rupert.
  Sandra, takes at Rupert, Christa sees pulls up her paint blower dives in front of the paint dart meant for Rupert and shoots and takes out Sandra, who’s dart nabs her right between the eyes.

JP: Rupert wins Immunity again.  Here’s your Cutlass, Rupert.  Christa, that was so selfless of you to dive and take the dart for Rupert.

Christa: Hahira, well, I mean they gave me a log and a log is a lot larger than that sword, and a sword could cut you.  And, like, I don’t want to wake up with that in my back, and all, y’know. So, I’ll keep my log.

Sandra;”Ahh, we gotta go.

Back at Camp Balboa:
Rupert confessional:  These people surprise you everyday.  I really love them all, I don’t know who should go.
Jonnie Fingerplay confessional:  “That Christa, man I’m gonna mess with her log.  No, need for her to go and save Rupert.  I’m the finger puppet master here. “

Lil ‘ Scout to Jonnie fingerplay:  I can’t believe it.  I had a shoot on Rupert and didn’t get it off.  I’m such a nitwit.

Jonnie Fingerplay:  “Its okay Lil Scout we all have our bad days.

Off to counsel we go, we go, hi hoe, hi hoe, off to counsel we go.  Who will be voted off, we don’t know, Hihoy, hi hoe.

JP: Well, you all look happy.  Ahh, Rupert, you forgot to give me my Toys R Us Visa, back.
Jon you’ve stated previously that you thrown challenges before.  You do realize that now you are playing for individual immunity?  That means if you don’t wear the Cutlass, you could go home.

Jonnie Fingerplay:  It’s like this you know, we all have a duty to the tribe and mine is to be the “entertainment”, I tell the jokes, I provide the comedic relieve.    And tell me girls aren’t I the hottest thing out her.

JP: okay it’s time to vote:

JP: let’s count the votes
7 for Burton
1 for Christa
The tribe has spoken go join your friends on the jury.
Did you miss me?

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Re:Snickers is proud to present what I want to see in Episode 9
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2003, 09:56:36 PM »
Oh thank you Snickers. I have not read the full thing yet, but from the few lines I did read, very funny. I can't wait to see what you have for us next!


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Re:Snickers is proud to present what I want to see in Episode 9
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2003, 12:45:08 AM »
FANTASTIC SNICKERS!! !!  :-* :-* Exellent Job!!  :D I LMAO! I'm also looking forward to next week~~ ;)