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Jeffrey Scott:
I loved the advice Jeff gave Aras last night during the reunion. "Pay your taxes". Obviously a zing to Richard Hatch. I laughed so hard.

I also liked how Jeff mocked the fact that Danielle was constantly "confused and lost" in all the challenges, but somehow won the most important one. I think that a final two of Terry and Aras would have been interesting.

Jeffrey Scott:
That would have been a very close vote indeed.
Who would have won between Courtney and Danielle?

Eh, in the words of Shane, "neither one on you deserve it, and since I can't abstain, pick a number between one and a million"

In that case, I think Danielle might have won.

Aras and Terry would have voted Danielle
Cirie would have voted Danielle

So, she most likely would have taken it.

Jeffrey Scott:
As for Shane's question. Why did Aras pick such a low number? Especially if the number were up to a million? That almost guaranteed Danielle to get that vote. All she had to say was 5 (Aras said four right?).


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