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Danielle's Chance?

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So I was thinking from my perspective Danielle had no chance against any of the final four.

She was portrayed as this season's Vecepia-Lillian-Jan-Kim J. etc...under the radar wanabee. Trust me I think she is fabulous and would have a drink with her anytime. Unlike former under the radar contestants she actually tried to win competitions, yet let others make the decisions for voting which ultimately lead to her highest achievable placing with the final four we had being second.

I think she could have beat Shane or Courtney, hey but who couldn't...LOL

So before all you Danielle fanatics who have been quite or vocal so far remember - I think she's fabulous, yet she didn't play the game well in the end.

This season from my opinion was more mental than challenges (since Terry won most of them  :funny:)

Okay ready for the shots... :lol3:

Jeffrey Scott:
I agree. There is no way Danielle would have won against Terrry or Cirie. Now Danielle against Shane? I"m not so sure, I think it would have been a more interesting vote. I would have thrown my vote for Shane despite how crazy he was.

You can read the spoilers now , word was that BoDog stopped all bets on Danielle , irregular betting pattern , she told people that she WON ..well you all know the story now .....she was too dumb to realize that she couldn't win  :lol:

Jeffrey Scott:
Yea, I can read them now, but that didn't stop me from finding out the winner a week ago!  :flamemad:

Anyone who watches Survior, even if for only a few episodes, would have known Danielle was a liar.


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