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The J/T interview is up now atleast.  :jam:

It was totally hilarious too. Heh. 'James, why did you smack my ass?' Hee!  :rotf:

The finishline interview was funny with T/J

 :cmas23 Just a programming note: GSN will restart with TAR1 beginning Tuesday morning. If you plan on recording, be sure and check the listings every day because GSN scheduling can be very inconsistent.

One of the perks of having Phil's job: CBS and AA (and probably the Ritz-Carlton group) pay for your vacations (luxe all the way  :martini: ). CBS makes an inflight magazine called Watch. Download the Winter issue (page 48) for details on his trip to St. Thomas after TAR9 and the Fall issue (page 40) for info about his Shanghai vacation after TAR10. (Elle seems unimpressed, though...or maybe just tired  :lol:)

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