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Pretty cool  :)

hmmmmmmmmm very much like the PI logo.  I hope CI dont have an EI as it may.

merely spec..........

Immunity Idol so I think Blue tribe and Yellow tribe merge to the Maroon/purple.  This is our best chance for the ellusive white buff. note what I also thing the II looks like in the logo. 

Finally on Dan's site he took some ?'s off which means he must know something.  Mainly I would say that both an Exile Island and a Mutiany Motel exist.  As to in what form ????? I have speculated somewhere in here about this but honestly I dont know.  I find it hard to believe EI is on the island Tapuaetai as there is a post office on this island ????????
Look for it to be the small island south. As for the camps looks good and I would say tribe names are Rapota and MotuRakau possibly dropping the Motu on the latter. Although I could see them using Bligh if they go like Pearl Islands and use the fokelore of the area if they do James Christian was his main opposition in the Mutiany on the Bounty.

looks like we are going on sailing the next season

This is where the international versions of Survivor held their last ones.... hopefully its good  :hearts:


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