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It's Getting Testy On Survivor Panama

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Enjoy!!!!!!!!  I love that Aras made it a ballgame tonight with Terry.  Good luck to Cirie in the fire starting challenge!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor, you sure had a dilemna at the store didn't you?   :beer2: :beer2:  I think the clerk  might give her phone number to you next week.

Good write up about tonights show.  I was quite surprised by Aras and his comments.   Didn't he mutter something about calling an ambulance because Terry was so upset?  or am I mixed up.  I was also surprised that Terry argued with Cirie about dropping her torch after tribal council, I think Terry was just mad that Shane was voted out.

I wished the hidden immunity idol got played at an earlier tribal council, it would have been exciting instead of the tie we saw tonight.  I told the kids that for my mother's day dinner, I want to order in KFC or pizza as I do not want to miss the survivor finale.  :tup:

It was quite a dilemma at the store, however I think I made the right decision.

I believe Aras' exact words were, "Somebody call an ambulance, Terry is crying like a baby."

Very good arcticle. Nice personal story at the beginning, made me laugh.

Thank you. 

I was just thinking about what Final Two matchup would be the most compelling.  It would have to be Terry versus Cirie, right?  It would be a total contrast.  Terry has been the most dominant player yet nobody really seems to like him personally.  Cirie on the other hand is the most likeable and I could see Aras, Shane, Courtney, and Danielle all voting for Cirie because they like her personally.


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