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Reality Junkee:
 :waves:   everyone, how are you all?  I know it's been a VEEEERRRY long time since I've posted in here but I figured what the heck.   ;D

I really miss RJ and hope she will be able to join us here again soon.    :'(

Don't forget us RJ, and remember that we're here for you.   :kuss: :hugs: :kissy:

Yes, me too, really miss RF LOTS.  Hope she is doing as good as possible under the circumstances and will drop in soon.  God bless her and her family thru all the heartbreak.
Love ya RF,
Fum Vuday  :kuss: :hugs:  :hrt: :love2:

Hey puddin, who are the guy n' gal in your avatar?  Whoever, they're a nice looking couple!  :)


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