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Blowin Up Jamie Kennedy's Rap Reality Show!!!!!!!!!!


have you guys seen commercials for this jamie kennedy mtv show called blowin up?

personally i loved Malibu's Most Wanted. so hilarious. snoop dog as the talking mouse was great.

and yeah this new show is the real life version of this as kennedy and his sidekick stu stone try to get into the rap game. ive also seen bits and pieces of this but i think they talk to Three Six Mafia, the Rza, and Method Man.

but yeah i was searching aruond youtube and stuff (who doenst do it nowadays) and i like saw this clip.

oh man.

its hilarious. jamie needs help on a new track so he enlists help from a promiment name in the entertainment world.

bob saget.


america's favorite home video host and sitcom dad.

heres the clip. you guys should check it out.


the show premiers on MTV @ May 16th (Tuesday) at 10:30 p.m.

When I first saw this I wasn't if this was real or not.  He is an interesting guy.  The show is pretty funny, the stuff with Bob Saget was great.  Reminded me on his cameo on Entourage.


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