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Sorry, i'm not too familiar with things here.

I've always been a TAR and Survivor fan and never got into big brother. Can anyone fill me in on the basics because I think I might start watching this season. I think a caught like 2 episodes of season one and stopped.


Jeffrey Scott:
I'm a somewhat BB newbie myself. I just started watching last season. They have three episodes a week, and live feeds you can watch. Essentially it's an elimination show where each week one more person is removed from the house. It's fairly easy to catch onto, but the shows can be very explosive at times, and usuallly there are many twists and turns. You never know what's going to happen next.

Well, season one sucked, so its no wonder you stopped.

A Head of Household (HoH) is determined by winning a competition. the HoH then nominates two people to be eliminated by the rest of the houseguests. The two nominated people the HoH and one person that each player picks to play the Veto competiton, where you can save one person from the nomination block, and then on Thursday, a person is voted off by the rest of the houseguests!


Wow, that sounds cool. Kinda like Unan1mous, but more involved and less dismal, underground housing situations.  :lol:

Jeffrey Scott:
Exactly. If you liked unan1mous we have recaps on our newspage, and we chat about it in this forum as well.


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