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Ok so im going to assume that its the Danielle/Aras Final 2 with Aras winning the final immunity and taking Danielle to the final 2 over Terry they have simply built up the Terry Aras fued too much very much like when Bobby Jon said he couldnt beat Tom in Palau.  Tonights episode shed some great light on the final vote we saw Courtney act rude toward Courtney a sign of who she blames for her boot, we also learned that Bruce was aparently in love with Danielle or her Breast atleast one thing is for sure he is no longer in love due to the hairy armpits???? or does he like his women French???? I would think Bruce votes for D.  We also see that next week Danielle is finally the one who decides to team with Terry.  So we can assume that Terry would vote for her over Aras also since Terry's a pompus ass.  We can also safely assume that since we know  Cirie and Danielle tie next week and go to fire starting challenge that the 2 v 2 situation is Aras/Cirie v Terry/Danielle so its safe that Cirie is a vote for Aras.

For Aras - Cirie, Courtney
For Danielle - Terry, Burce

This leaves Sally, Austin, and Shane.  Austin began the game with Aras and said Aras might win it all when he was voted out however he did spend that time on EI with Danielle and said they bonded quickly. In this dynamic I would say that he would vote for Danielle.  Shane is most likely a huge toss up now but I would say he has much better feelings toward Aras myspace would agree.  Sally only really has links to Danielle so unless she has a huge crush on Aras or just saw something else while in the jury show will probably swing it to a 4-3 win for Danielle.

I wont lie I would rather Aras win and im still not sold Bruce will vote for Danielle I would think by editing that Aras and Shane talking him up time and again would have rubbed off a little on him.  Then again I thnk Austing is also kinda iffy.

In the end
Danielle - Terry, Sally
Aras - Shane, Cirie, Courtney

Deciding votes - Austin, Bruce

Aras wins , i'm with you CJ .....not a blow out but he wins , I think Terry will vote for Aras ( his only worthy competition )   :tup:
Courtney ~ Aras (doh)
Cirie~ Aras ( doh)
Sally ~ Aras ( says D is lazy and got close to Aras )
Terry ~ Aras ( respect)
Bruce~ Danielle ( hots for her )
Austin ~ Danille ( time on exile island)
Shane ~ ( grudge against Aras but hates Danille so ?  dunno )

Reality Junkee:
Your prediction of how the voting may go sounds pretty good to me.  In one way I can't wait to see the final show, but at the same time I wish it wasn't over so quickly.  What am I gonna do now??  :-\

Jeffrey Scott:
Big Brother starts soon.

Reality Junkee:
I don't watch BB though :(


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