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Is anyone going to watch "Teaxs Ranch House" tonight?

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Aaron D.:
I liked PBS's other historical reality shows and I want to watch this one, I just don't know if I can take 2hr episodes over four consecutive nights.

Jeffrey Scott:
Yea, that is a bit much. What's it about?

Aaron D.:
16 people experience what it was like working on a Texas ranch in 1867. The best part is some people get to live like the owners and others get the shaft and work as ranch hands. 

Jeffrey Scott:
It does sound interesting, but if it has an episode on Wednesday there is no way I'd be able to watch it then.

Sounds like my kind of show. Unfortunately, I do not get PBS because DirecTV took it away from us!! GRRR, oh well!

Not sure if I welcomed you to the boards yet Aaron, so HI. Thanks for the emails!!



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