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Author Topic: Breaking Down The Elite Eight on Survivor  (Read 1291 times)

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Breaking Down The Elite Eight on Survivor
« on: April 11, 2006, 08:18:11 AM »
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Re: Breaking Down The Elite Eight on Survivor
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2006, 07:05:23 PM »
Nice breakdown of the remaining 8.  I like Cirie and Danielle and of course Terry.  I find Courtney irritating and Shane irritating and funny at the same time.  I can't believe the show will be ending next month.  How did the time go by so quickly.  I definitely see Jeff smiling more on this edition.  It seems whenever Bruce walks in with the rest--Jeff always seems to have a smile on his face.   }^! :bny4:


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