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American Idol Caught Up in Another Scandal


American Idol Caught Up in Another Scandal  4/12/06

TV talent show American Idol has been caught up in yet another scandal after it has been revealed finalist Bucky Covington duped police to spare his twin brother a possible prison stint.

Producers of the show have learned that Covington, one of the last eight Idol finalists, deceived a North Carolina state trooper in 1998 and was arrested on charges of resisting a public officer, giving fictitious information, driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident.

In details obtained by American cable channel Court TV, Covington's brother Rocky was involved in a vehicle accident and his twin was called to the scene before police arrived and told to pretend he was the driver.

The Covingtons' father, Gene, who was with Rocky at the time of the truck accident, feared his son would go to jail because his license had been suspended for speeding, among other things, and he shouldn't have been behind the wheel.

So Bucky, who had a spotless driving record, reportedly stood in for his twin.

The driver of the other vehicle, who caused the crash, agreed to co-operate but he then told his father, who called the police. A warrant for Bucky's arrest was then issued.

But when the driver of the other car failed to pick the right twin, Bucky, in court last July (05), all charges were dismissed

Jeffrey Scott:
To bad charges were dropped. It would have been an easy way to get rid of him.



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