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 Ok, folks...you know the drill!  :umn: 
Since the number of remaining contestants is an even number, maybe they'll be broken down into TWO's this week? 
So let's vote for the bottom two!



I will continue hoping it is Bucky or Paris until they are gone!!!  (:;)  But in reality, unless Elliott knocks 'em dead this week, it could very well be him ...... unless I try and save him again!!!  :lol:

Jeffrey Scott:
^ I think it will be Paris this week. I can't see her doing a good Queen song, but then agian you'll have to wait till tomorrow for my review. ;)

Bucky has over-stayed his welcome.  He WILL be bottom 2 (or 3) with Paris, I hope.   :tup:  I wouldn't mind seeing Kellie in the bottom 2 (or 3) either.   :snicker:

Chris ROCKED the house tonight  :jam:


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