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Mandiva voted off

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Boy I was a little shocked at tonights voting.  I thought for sure Bucky was going to go.  Not Mandesa.  Wow and I had the bottom 3 all wrong. You can never tell with this show.

Jeffrey Scott:
I had chosen Bucky and Paris for the final three, but was unsure of the third. I was very surprised it was Mandessa, more shocked she was out.

I am shocked that Mandisa is gone also. I had her predicted for F3, along with Taylor and Chris. As always, she was very gracious!!!  :tup:

My daughter (who likes Mandisa) was mad at me, saying I was the one who saved Elliott, with my 100 or so votes for him!!!  :lol:

Mr DJ25:
Well let me just start by saying that America is a mess I dont understand what the problem is for the past 2 or 3 seasons America has placed the best contestants in the bottom 3 and it just doesnt make sense. I was shocked as well to see Mandissa go home last nite, but as someone previously metioned you just "NEVER KNOW" with that show. :groan:

Jeffrey Scott:
Unfortunately, when you give it to America to decide, the cute and attractive ones automatically get more votes. I think that sucks, but that's life. I was really pulling for Mandesa.


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