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Someone I know on American Idol


Do you remember the first or second episode of America Idol 5 (this season) when a deputy sherriff came on in full uniform and sang I SHOT THE SHERRIFF (or at least the chorus).. well, I grew up with him. His name is Brandon Groves, he is from Wheeling, WV... He actually tried out for Idol on his wedding day!
A lot of people from home make fun of him for it. I have talked to him since then.. it turned out, he really did think he could sing! Ha ha... anyway, just thought it was really neat to see him on Idol...  B:) B:) B:) B:)

Hey Wendy, we are looking to interview someone who auditioned for AI on our podcast!! Maybe we can talk to him sometime!


That's cool- I have his email address but it is the police station one.. I don't have his other email address (I guess his wife is a little possessive).. I emailed him after I saw him on the show.. Do you want me to see if he would like to talk?


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