Author Topic: Reasons I think Allstars 2 would proabably work........  (Read 1390 times)

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Reasons I think Allstars 2 would proabably work........
« on: March 30, 2006, 03:54:40 PM »
First I'm putting this here because I'm gonna discuss some things that apparently happen later this season.

So this is a collaboration of people and ideas that I think would be brilliant for a ASS2 although I never think that they will actually have one or that the scenario that I am about to create is even possible because half the people probably wouldn't wanna go through 39 days of hell again.

First with the exception of Fairplay, Sandra, Brian Heidik, Darrah, and V no one before ASS1 that didn't make ASS1 should even be considered, most people wouldn't care about them anymore pretty much.  Basically the reasons I think these people should be considered are they are past winners who didn't compete in ASS 1 (Sandra, V and Brian) or they were in the F4 of PI and therefore weren't really considered for ASS1 (I left Lil out of this because she has already had her second chance.

OK so next I think they should have 20 Survivors for this one (don't condemn me yet I promise a twist for this) and those 20 people in my estimation should be.  Tom, Ian, Katie, and Gregg from Palau (basically the final 4 from Palau with Gregg replacing Jenn due to her Cancer I considered Coby here but then saw where this guy bashes a lot of people who watch reality TV for judging people; my point is hey buddy you signed up and got paid well for it so don't complain).  The next group of four have kinda the same dynamic as the 4 from Palau Terry, Aras, Danielle, and Cirie this is the supposed F4 for Panama and they match up nice with the F4 from Palau Tom and Terry both won a lot of immunities, Aras and Ian are both goofy, and Cirie and Katie are very much non threats but play the game well (Gregg and Danielle have nothing in common but who cares).  Sticking with 4 somes from Vanatau Chris, Ami, Eliza, and Rory; so basically Chris won against all odds, Ami controlled the early game, Eliza probably knew the game as well as anyone else, and Rory was always good TV and stirred things up.  From Guatemala you have some good players in Rafe and Danni, Cindy made a fatal mistake in survivor lore m=by not giving up the car(s), and Amy showed more heart then everyone who has ever quit this game and she is probably one of the most deserving. For the final 4 people are from PI Jon who really deserved to be in ASS1 and was one of the best game players to play, Darrah who was just smoking hot and won quite a few immunities, and Christa who was on the wrong end of a Sandra plot with Rupert's Fish she also serves as a non threat and good game player and Savage who was victim of a Pagonging.   I left out Sandra and V because I didn't think that either of them would come back and I know Brian wouldn't because he wouldn't come back for ASS1 and he is apparently still doing well off his first winnings.

So this list:
Tom, Ian, Katie, Gregg, Terry, Aras, Danielle, Cirie, Chris, Ami, Eliza, Rory, Danni, Amy, Cindy, Rafe, Jon, Darrah, Christa, Savage

OK so theres my 20 I would hand pick and heres a few twist that would make this more memorable, First since we started with 20 we will have the dreaded school yard pick'em where 2 get left out and are voted off ala Wanda and Jonathan.  But heres the twist those 2 do as they did once in the STRIX version you stick those 2 who don't get picked on an island to live with out comps every three days don't let the other know they are around and then bam day 15 or so they are back in the game and all you guys gave them immunity until this point. Who wouldn't love to see Johnny Fairplay get sent home day one and taunted as he left only to come back and cause a problems later on. Also would old alliances hold or would some pick so that old alliances couldn't hold?????

As of this point the only other thing I have really come up with is if you have a total of 20 then you would then have to have 2 double boot episodes to fit it in 39 days.  I think the 2nd of these should come post merge and after the jury has begun to form.  Basically just pre-voting Probst should announce the person with the most votes and the person with the second most votes will both go to the jury.  This would help eliminate a power player late and could prevent a pagonging.
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