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Survivor Maps seems to have done it again and it appears that the "Cook Islands" will host the next season. Pretty interesting maps and text over at survivor maps.  Also this was the original location for expedition robinson. 

Mutiany Motel???????????????

Cool CJ , I hope we get a better cast ............ more older people not these wacko's we have now .

Aww come on this is a great cast.  If it pans out like spoilers say so then should be fun to watch. hmmmm maybe ill apply for S14.

The final 4  are 4 of my favs * sigh* one could only hope Chills spoiler works out better than Wicks ..I really want Terry to win .
CJ , you on Survivor  :jam: , now your talking !!!

So you want Tom to win again????????   Terry's run should be amazing but I still hopes Aras wins but then again I did want Ian to win too.


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