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Idol” fans accuse Daughtry of copying Live version of ‘Walk the Line’
By Associated Press
Friday, March 24, 2006 - Updated: 01:20 PM EST

“American Idol” chat rooms are buzzing over a controversy surrounding Chris Daughtry’s version of “I Walk the Line.”
     Judges praised Daughtry for making the song his own when he sang it on the last episode. But some fans say the version was not his own, but ripped off from a version done by the band Live in 2001.
     One fan posted a message saying “I just want to punch him in his bald head.”
     Another message reads “This guy is a rip off. Judges are plain dumb.”
     And a third message reads “Live singer Ed Kowalczyk called and said that he would like his vocal style” back.

Aw c'mon!  For pete's sake...Chris didn't claim it to be his own.  ONly the judges said that.  Hey, Chris got professional coaching by THE great Barry Manilow!!  He helped Chris make it unique for CHRIS.  And it was a WOW performance!  :woohoo:

Anyway, what about the judges always telling the contestants TO MAKE IT YOUR OWN and to not copy-cat it like the original or other artists?   
I sure hope this petty technicality doesn' hurt Chris's AI status cuz he's a dang great performer!  :hearts:     

i agree

Don't get me wrong. I think Chris is very talented. However, I think he's been getting way too much credit for making his songs "his own."  When he did "Higher Ground," he as much as admitted he was using the Chili Peppers' version, and Simon was like, "You made it your own."  No, he didn't.  Same goes for "I Walk the Line" if it's the same as the Live version.

I also think that there is some merit to what Rob said on this week's podcast...I noticed that there was more exciting lighting & stage effects when Chris was singing, but I thought I was just being silly. Now that someone else has mentioned what might be these subliminal messages while Chris performs, I'm not sure that AI is being fair.

Jeffrey Scott:
I agree also. I also thought it was unfair with the special attention Chris has been getting.


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