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Next bottom 3?

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Which three contestants will receive the lowest number of votes?  And who will say buh-bye?

My guesses are Lisa, Bucky, Paris.  Lisa will *again* barely squeak by & Bucky says buh-byeee.

Jeffrey Scott:
I vote for Lisa. I could only vote for one person though or I would have cast a vote for Bucky and Paris also.

That is a weird poll ..... asking for bottom three, but only letting us vote for one!!!  ;)

My predicted bottom three are Lisa, Bucky, and Elliott. I don't think Paris will make bottom three just yet, because she and Lisa are splitting votes, with Paris getting the majority. And when Lisa leaves us, will her followers switch over to Paris? I surely hope not!!!  >:(

I really like Elliott!!! But they are not pushing him as much as they are some of the other guys. So I am not sure his fan base is as large. He will really have to bring it each week to stay off the bottom!!!

Jeffrey Scott:
i was kind of thinking along those lines. Now that Kevin is gone, where will his votes go? I'm thinking Kellie because she has that 'cute' factor and the show is really playing that up. That's why I think she'll go to final four.

APOLOGIES for not setting the poll up to vote for THREE!!  I messed up. :groan:
Sorrriiiieeee :(  :-\
WELL, IT IS FIXED NOW, SO YOU CAN VOTE FOR 3!   :yes:  :yes: :yes:
 MANY thanks to sweetie Puddin for bailing me out and fixing the Poll!  :huggles: :flowers:

Ruday  :waves:   


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