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MTV, Rolling Stone Join for Reality Series


This one is for journalists!!!!!  Check this out Rob and Trevor.  I think you two have a shot at winning this one!

MTV, Rolling Stone Join for Reality Series
By Associated Press

March 22, 2006, 5:41 PM EST

NEW YORK -- Think you have the write stuff?

MTV and Rolling Stone are teaming for a reality series that will focus on amateur journalists as they compete for a one-year staff position at the legendary magazine, an MTV spokeswoman announced Wednesday.

  "The series will capture the drama and excitement of the fast-paced world of Rolling Stone," said Lois Curren, executive vice president of MTV programming, in a statement Wednesday. "Rolling Stone has long been an incubator for top journalists, which makes this an amazing opportunity for aspiring writers."

The untitled MTV series, scheduled to premiere later this year, will be taped from June to August in New York City. It will shadow candidates as they interview musicians, actors and politicians, and work with editors.

Apprentice Rolling Stone , interesting.

Yes, very interesting!  Apprentice Rolling Stone. :clap: You should submit that name to them, Nuala...maybe win a prize?


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