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performance night march 21

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This is my list:

1.  Taylor Hicks
2.  Mandisa
3.  Kelly Pickler ( I knew she would sing my song by Patsy Kline)
4.  Chris
5.  Elliot
6.  Paris
7. Ace
8.  Kathern
9. Kevin
10. Bucky
11. Lisa

I truly believe Lisa will be going home.

Hey Nuala   :hearts:  I have to disagree with you on a few...

1. Chris
2. Mandisa
3. Katharine
4. Elliott
5. Kelly
6. Ace
7. Paris
8. Taylor
9. Kevin
10. Lisa
11. Bucky

I can see either Lisa or Bucky leaving tomorrow night...although I WISH it was Kevin.   :gaah:

Hey PenguinsDance ..... good to see you again!!!   :kuss:

Here is my list from Round 2 performances ......


Too me, Kevin is the only one who has absolutelyno future in music. So I wish it would be him going home. But he will stick around for at least a couple more weeks. So like you guys, I predict that Lisa will be leaving.

I made calls for a solid hour while watching Amazing Race. I think I only got through 1 time for Taylor. I got mostly busy signals for Mandisa, Chris, and Katharine, but did manage to get a few votes in. But I spent the majority of the time calling for Elliott. I got about half busy signals during the first 30 minutes of TAR, but got through nearly every time during the last half hour. Probably not a good sign for Elliott!!!

Jeffrey Scott:
I agree, Lisa is gone. Though I can't believe it won't be Kevin. I guess he's the Mykala of this year. I hated her last year. Bucky is sort of the constantine of this season for me also. He was always in the shadow of Bo, much as Bucky is in the shadow of Chris this year.

Jeffrey, are you no longer doing recaps of the AI performances? 

Why did you stop?   ???


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