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Ending of show doesn't match performances

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If you have American Idol TiVo'd....watch Ace's performance and then watch the recap at the end of the show. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

Something happened....

Ace is NOT holding the microphone during his final falsetto at the end of his actual performance, yet in the recap at the end of the show, he is holding onto it for life.

Is the show live or what????? They are doing some interesting editing and re-shooting.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I will be looking more closely for now on at the end.

I thought the show was live!! STRANGE. It wouldn't be the first time that AI  did something strange/stupid!! LOL

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I think that happened last year as well.  I think the explanation was they put the recap togther from rehearsal performances.  I guess FOX isn't quick enough to put a recap together right after a live performance.   ??? 


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