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Starting Over for Men
« on: March 10, 2006, 06:47:32 AM »
Ok old story but Jeffrey this may be right for you and your baby outfit....

Starting Over may do season with men; Rhonda Britten offers advice for being cast.
Starting Over may do a house with men in it, Life Coach Rhonda Britten told 500 middle-aged women and me at the Florida Mall in Orlando Saturday. (Oh, I kid the show’s fans; they were, for real, a diverse group.) Rhonda said, “we are contemplating a house for men. I don’t know if it’s going to be this season or next.” That’s in addition to the third-season episodes that will focus on couples (“married, engaged, dating, same-sex, common-law, etc.”), who are currently being cast. Rhonda also offered advice to those who want to be cast for the show:

    * “Have a goal.” She said “they’re not going to pick you” unless you have a concrete reason for doing the series.
    * If a cast member with your same issues or problems has previously appeared on the series, “make sure you have a different angle,” she said, because they won’t do the same story twice.
    * You should “make sure it [your story] includes other people.”
    * “Make sure you’re authentic and share yourself—be you.”

Rhonda also said that “something really big’s about to happen to Andy” Paige from season one, and suggested fans sign up for announcements on Andy’s web site. She also said that Cassie is moving in with Maureen (“Maureen’s kind of mothering her, which she needs”). Finally, she said that, if there’s anything fans want, they should “go to the message boards and ask for it.” Producers “read every single one of those” posts in the producers thread, so requests—like a house for men—will be heard there.
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