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First Full list of 18!


RFF has the first full list (that I know of) that has all 18 Survivor 8 castaways! Why 18? Anyone?


With Tina recently being added, RFF has the first full list of the Survivor 8 Castaways vying for a $5 Million prize!!!! Who would turn that down!

Susan - Survivor 1
Rudy  - Survivor 1
Jenna L. - Survivor 1
Richard - Survivor 1

Alicia - Survivor 2
Amber - Survivor 2
Jerri - Survivor 2
Tina - Survivor 2
Colby - Survivor 2

Ethan - Survivor 3
Lex - Survivor 3
Tom - Survivor 3

Kathy - Survivor 4
Rob M. - Survivor 4

Shii Ann - Survivor 5

Jenna M. - Survivor 6
Rob C. - Survivor 6

Rupert - Survivor 7

Wow, I do love the fact that they've added Rupert to the list.  But where is my Brian?  How can they have an all-star without Brian? ???  Maybe they will have 3 tribes instead of 2 and we will see more names on the list soon.  Oh, please Mr. Burnett?  Please add Brian to the list? ;D

I Think Brian should be there too! I also think Elisabeth should be there!  

Elisabeth just took the host job on The View I do not think they will let her leave after just starting.  

And Brian ~ I heard did not want to go.  maybe he knows he will not be able to get far with the players they already have.

But then again I heard that Rudy did not want to go.

I think it is funny only 1 from S5!


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