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Jeffrey Scott:
Okay, time to critique the men. Here are my thoughts.

Gedeon McKinney Ė Michael Bolton would not have been my choice in a song, but Gedeon is able to carry it. Heís got a powerful enough voice to really make the song work. Oddly I agree with Randy, the big note at the end was well done. Like Simon, Gedeon is beginning to grow on me a bit also, 3 Ĺ stars tonight. 3 Ĺ stars overall.

Chris Daughtry Ė I donít think the song started off very well, it never grabbed me after that either. Chris does sing well, but I found this song to be mediocre and boring as Simon pointed out. Broken indeed. 3 stars tonight. 3 Ĺ stars overall.

Kevin Covais Ė No, I didnít like this at all. I hate the way his mumbly voice sings. Out of all the songs Iíve heard, this sounded very High Schoolish to me. I pretty much feel itís somewhat laughable heís still here. 2 stars tonight. 2 Ĺ stars overall.

Bucky Covington Ė Nice country song. Buckyís singing was very comfortable for what he chose. Randy is right in that he does what he does best, itís very good. I disagree with Simon this time, it wasnít just ok. And I have never heard anyone sing this good in a bar.  Slightly better than the past few weeks. 3 Ĺ stars tonight. 3 stars overall.

Will Maker Ė I was very surprised, I really enjoyed the song. It seems I really disagree with the judges on this one. The song was very rhythmic and Will was smooth and confident. For me, this was above average for Will. Totally disagree with Simon on this one, it was a great job. 4 stars tonight. 3 Ĺ stars overall.

Taylor Hicks Ė Normally, Iíve been a very big Taylor fan. But this song just did not do it for me. I like the song, so itís not like thatís influencing me, I just didnít think the performance was all that it could have been. Maybe his on-stage performance has swayed me a bit, as Simon points out, a Ďradioí performance. I guess Iím in the minority on this one, because I wasnít giving a standing ovation. 3 stars tonight. 3 Ĺ stars overall.

Elliott Yamin Ė Nice song, not the best performance though. I really donít think this was the right song for him. Not as powerful as it could have been. Iím back on track with agreeing with Simon, not the best, and Elliott did seem somewhat disconnected. 3 stars tonight. 3.5 stars overall.

Ace Ė Ace seems to be quite the female favorite in this competition. Iím not a fan of his squeaky voice and Iíd turn this off if I heard it on the radio. I think once heís off the TV people will not be as much a fan of him as they are now. As I wrap this up, I see Simon and I are back on the same page, maybe next week. Too many women love him to send him home. 3 stars tonight. 3 stars overall.

My prediction for who will be eliminated on Thursday? I think Kevin will finally be sent packing. There are far to many better singers left for him to miss the elimination. Also, I think Elliott might be the next to go. Too many people like Ace, and Bucky is still much better than him. But who do I feel will go all the way and become the next American Idol? Stay tuned.....

I don't look at them , I like to hear how they sound and judge them by that only

I heart Ace even if he has a girlfriend.

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I don't look at you or jeffreysg when I post either. I just post. LOL

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