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Survivor vs. American Idol Results (3/2) Neilson Ratings

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Rank   Program                                      Net       Day     Time      Rating/Share        Audience        Viewers
5   AMERICAN IDOL THU SP-3/2(S)   FOX   Thu   8:00 PM           15.2/23.0   16,799,000   26,321,000
13   SURVIVOR:PANAMA-EXILE IS.   CBS   Thu   8:00 PM            9.2/14.0    10,087,000    16,084,000

told ya , well in spoilers  :lol: , survivor is a snooze fest and now a recap next week with the following week off for basketball, SNORE !

Jeffrey Scott:
I didn't hear about that. What a waste!
I still find it hard to believe that AI is beating Survivor.

No Survivor for 3 weeks!?  As long as AI is on, I can handle it.  :hearts:   I can see why AI is getting higher ratings than Survivor.  S12 is this season.  AI is rockin'!  I can see why AI is getting higher ratings!

Jeffrey Scott:
Hmmm, I'm finding this season interesting. I'm not finding it blaaaa at all. As for no Survivor for three weeks. That's not exactly true. We do have a recap next week where we'll see some new clips (but who really likes a recap show), then the following week we will not have Survivor, but the following week it's back on. So technically only one week with no survivor, two if you don't count the recap show or don't plan on watching it.


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