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Rupert Gets His Star
Indianapolis can be proud of it's native son, Rupert Boneham. Not only is he the star of S7 but he has been plucked from his home to participate in Mark Burnett's "Survivor All Star".
Monday, November 3, 2003

By: the Wingedmonkeys

We had hinted in our October 31st article that perhaps the venue for the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" Finale being filmed live from Panama City might enable Mark Burnett and CBS to include an S7 castaway. Well it looks like we might have guessed right. Rupert is missing from his hometown.

The All Star game should be starting today, and SNN has learned that Rupert is among the castaways vying for the million dollar prize.

Our estimated end date of December 11 (give or take) is only a few days before the live televised finale of Survivor: Pearl Islands in Panama City on December 14. That would enable Rupert to finish up the S8 game and still participate in the S7 televised finale.

We aren't surprised that Rupert would be part of the All Star. After all, he has been leading the SNN polls as the most likeable and entertaining castaways of S7 since before the show even began to air. Mr. Boneham embraced the pirate theme and brought a breath of fresh air to what had become predictable, Big Brother-esque casting choices that plagued post-S1 series.

As Dan Rather once said, we would rather be last than to be wrong. In the coming days and weeks we may report on additional castaways participating in Survivor: All Star as the investigation continues. And to counter doubters on the quality of our superb investigative reporting, we are making a challenge. If we report a castaway as being on All Star, but said castaway emails us between November 3rd and December 11 a high resolution photograph of themselves holding the current front page of a major newspaper, we will offer a $100 donation to a charity of their choice. (with enough deductions, we won't pay taxes this year!)  (Angels comments: I think he's positive about this one!)

All Star Countdown:  1 down.... 17 to go...

More News From SNN~~
Richard's An ASS
You can place two more sure bets on the upcoming Survivor 8: All Star (ASS). (1) Richard will appear on ASS, and (2) he will show it.
Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Aside from multiple sources confirming his involvement with the show, Rich Hatch is now unavailable for "Hollywood Is Calling", and it is only recently that he has gone on unavailable status.

This news should obviously come as a no-brainer to everyone. While far from loved by the emotional masses caught up in the fresh but contrived drama of Survivor 1, Rich, well-remembered for his efficient hunting of stingrays and utter lack of self consciousness in exhibiting his flabby torso, was certainly far from irrelevant. He was the first leader of the then morally fraught "alliance" that enraged a nation and put him on Time Magazine's People Who Mattered for the Year 2000. The Washington Post was provoked into labeling him an Evil Queen.

Probst went further. "You can't have a sociopath out there, although Richard was high on those marks," he told the Bergen Record.

OK, you get the point, but say what you want about Dicque. The man has triumphed through a tumultuous childhood and several brushes with the law that make him a real life survivor -- without even mentioning what he did on the show.

Will he survive second time around? It's hard to believe. When Hatch appeared on The Weakest Link with fellow Survivor castaways, he was the first "voted off". Out of jealousy, fear, or people simply wising to his ways, King Richard will have an uphill battle to sit long on his throne.

We don't expect much from Rich, but with his expected short life on the island, we can only hope he'll take a lesson from Rupert and put on a skirt.

All Star Countdown:  2 down.... 16 to go...

Tina Wesson Back on Survivor
If you're a fan of Survivor every Thursday evening on CBS and WVLT VOLUNTEER TV, it's about to get better for you.

A special Survivor all-star version is currently being shot. WVLT VOLUNTEER TV News has confirmed that the all-star series will feature the winners of previous seasons, including Knoxville's own Tina Wesson.

So far, CBS is mum on where the all-star series is being shot, but we do know that the winner will get $5 million.

CBS has scheduled the all-star version for February 2004.

SNN has pictured the 17 of 18 contestants...

If the article above is correct, that would give us all 18.


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