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Jeffrey Scott:
Who do you feel sang the best tonight?

Jeffrey Scott:
Once more, a review of the ladies.

Paris Bennis - I had a hard time listening to Paris sing this song. I didn't thing there was much (oddly enough) rhythem to the song. For me the song was kind of card-boardish, and stale. It wasn't a bad song but I was floored. 3 stars this week, 3 stars overall.

Lisa Tucker - Wow, I was impressed with her guitar playing, short as it was. I wasn't to thrilled with the song choice, but Lisa does a fantastic job singing it. She has much feeling in the song. Randy is crazy IMHO. She was dripping wtih attitude if you ask me, very nice. 4 stars tonight, 3 1/2 overall.

Melissa McGhee - Now we move to one of the poorest singers for the evening. As I was listening to her singing there was something about it I just didn't like, I couldn't figure it out. Randy and Paula seemed to think it was ok, but when we get to Simon he says hexactly what I was thinking. It was like she shouted the entire time, not very well sung. 2 1/2 songs tonight. 3 stars overall.

Kinnik Sky - Again, not a really good performance. I wasn't familiar with the song, but despite that I like to give the song a chance for what it's worth. I found myself very bored. I watned to get up and do something else a couple of times. Very forgetable for me. She has always done good, but this week she did a very bad job.
2 1/2 stars tonight. 3 1/2 stars overall.

Katherine McPhee - Not the best performane I've seen her give, but it was not bad. Upon listening to it a second time I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. She really hit those high notes, I was impressed. You could tell she had a lot of fun doing the song. It may not have been as great as Randy was making it sound, but very enjoyable anyway. Much better than last weeks performance without a doubt. 3 1/2 stars tonight. 3 1/2 stars overall.

Ayla Brown - The song was ok tonight. She didn't get much wrong from what I could hear. But I was still bored with it. It was a shade of monotone, though she did end very nicely. But no 'WOW' factor for me. 3 stars tonight. 3 stars overall.

Mandisa - Great vocals in the song, though I felt it was slightly rough around the edges in parts. I've been a big mandisa fan but for some reason the song just did not capture me tonight. And I thought this year we were supposed to have the best group of singers? Sometimes I think Randy is ridiculous. 3 1/2 songs tonight. 3 1/2 stars overall.

Kellie Pickler - Kellie did a typical job of singing. Like Melissa, I think some of it was yelling more than singing. Not that that's a bad thing entirely, but this sure wasn't as good as (gasp) Simon was thinking. He sure is infatuated with her isn't he? I will agree though she does have charisma. 3 stars tonight. 3 1/2 stars overall.

My prediciton for who will be eliminated on Thursday? It's a safe bet that Melissa and Kinnik will be gone next week. But who will go all the way and become the next American Idol? Stay tuned.....

I missed the first half hour of the show. But from the ones I saw, Katharine, Mandisa, and Kellie did the best.

I think Ayla 'member of the honor society' Brown and Kinnik 'wish I was a couple years younger' Sky will be gone.

I love Kinnik though.  :'(

Jeffrey Scott:
I think everyone is in agreement that Kinnik is gone.


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