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Jeffrey Scott:
Who do you feel had the best voice on tonight's episode? Here are my picks.

Taylor Hicks - Presentation can be a big part of a live performance, but if I were to hear Taylor Hicks on the radio, I'm sure I'd thoroughly enjoy him. Live, he's more of an oddity to me, though I don't mind him as much as others. *cough*Rob. Taylor sings the Commodores and I really enjoyed it. I couldn't disagree more with Simon, the crooked man did a great job. 4 stars tonight. 4 stars overall.

Elliott Yamin - I wasn't so sure I'd enjoy Elliott's song tonight. He started off a little shaky, but just a very little. He had one of the best voices tonight, I think he hit just about every note, and OMG the threesome agree with me? Randy still needs to calm down a bit. Can he get any louder about someone? 4 stars tonight. 3 3/4 stars overall.

Ace Young - A young girl favorite. Some of the notes were very shaky. He did a good job attempting to hit every note, but I felt a few were not quite there. I have to agree with Simon, he struggled during the song. I've never been a very big Ace fan, and so far regarding Ace, I don't feel Simon is being naive or ignorant. 3 stars tonight, 3 stars overall.

Gedeon McKinney - Not a very good song choice for Gedeon this week but he pulls it off with feeling. Much better than most of the girls at the same level I've assigned to them this week. He does a great job at hitting those notes, holding them, and coming off of them. As Randy said, it ended strong. Simon says it was a very, very good performance. 3 1/2 stars tonight. 3 1/2 stars overall.

Kevin Covais - Mr. "sex symbol" continues on the same trend as last time. He just does not impress me at all. His voice is too resiny and nasally. Randy throughly enjoyed that huh? I don't see why, maybe he's in La-La land. If I heard him on the radio I'd beat Simon to the radio to shut it off. 2 1/2 stars this week. 2 1/2 stars overall.

Jose "Sway" Penala - Another Stevie Wonder song. A nice Karaoke performance for sure. The song was okay, but bad if you did compare it with Stevie Wonder, and as Randy says you can't help but compare it to the original singer. The song was fairly flat and had an awful ending. 2 1/2 stars tonight. 2 1/2 stars overall.

Will Maker - Everyone's favorite Brady takes the stage with a Kenny Rogers songs.  As he starts off he is as stiff as wood. he warms up as the song continues and I think he did an okay job. he gave the song some of his own style and I would have to disagree with Simon that only 11 year old girls will like him. Nice to see Will was not chicken to pick this Kenny Rogers song. 3 stars tonight. 3 stars overall.

Bucky Covington - Another singer that seems to be a lady favorite. I was not very impressed with the song. I find it hard to explain, but his singing seems kind of fake to me. Maybe forced to much? Paula and Randy can like him as much as they want, I agree with Simon, certainly not a headliner. 3 stars this week. 3 stars overall.

David Redford - Deep down, I want to pull for David. Maybe because I like the genre he sings in. That being said, it was very painful for me to listen to him singing. It was very flat. I'm afraid David did not do Ol' Blue Eyes any credit, I'll take Frank any day. For me, this is the only singer that really went downhill this week. I'll be surprised to see him on the stage next week. 2 1/2 stars this week. 3 stars overall.

Chris Doughtry - There is something in Chris that I just don't connect with. I'm talking about the singing of course, it's very good but for some reason it just doesn't reach me completely. He's still a good singer and I think he WILL go far, but it wasn't as good as last week. And of course I was wrong in one thing. Randy could get worse with his praise. Randy! SIT DOWN! 3 1/2 stars tonight. 3 3/4 stars overall.

My prediction for who will go? I really hate Kevin but he seems to be a fan favorite, he may stick around one more week. I think it'll be Jose "sway" and David going home.

Who will be the next American Idol though??? Stay tuned.......

I thought Chris, Taylor, and Gideon did exceptionally well this evening and in that order.  Taylor is my favorite guy.  But Chris really rocked it out tonight.  He is gifted.

Who was your pick?

Yes, Kevin will probably stay another week.  I agree that David & Sway were the weakest songsters & will be voted out tonite.

Thanks for the great recaps, Jeff.  :clap:


Jeffrey Scott:
My two favorites were Taylor and Elliott. I enjoyed both of their songs greatly.

I always enjoy Taylor, and he did another good job. Elliott and Chris also did very well. My daughter, who is one of Ace's hundreds of thousands of female fans, thought Ace bombed on his song, and I have to agree. I am beginning to think he may not make it as far as I originally thought.

I agree with everyone ..... goodbye Sway and  David!!!  :waves:


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