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Jeffrey Scott:
So, who do you think was the best this week?

 :jumpy: I started a trend.  :jumpy:

Go Katharine!!!

I think Lisa did awesome.

Jeffrey Scott:
This week we loose half an hour of fluff, that and two women from last week. After the votes were tallied, we have lost Becky O'Donohue and Stevie Scott. I wasn't surprised about Stevie, but Becky shocked me. Okay, enough nostalgia, lets move on to tonight's singers.

Katharine McPhee - One of my few four stars from last week. This week however I was very disappointed. Again, we have another singer doing a Stevie Wonder rendition. Ho hum, it's getting old. Personally I thought her voice sounded very whiny, flat and screechy. Not much depth at all. I wanted to cover my ears. And for the record, what was she wearing? That was just as terrible. 2 1/2 stars tonight - 3 1/4 stars overall.

Kinnik Sky - As I mentioned last week, I'm not a big country music person but Kinnik made me enjoy the song she picked out. I certainly agree with Randy this time, it was an odd song choice for her. She proved she could sing it, and a very nice job, just like last week. 3 1/2 stars tonight - 3 1/2 stars overall.

Lisa Tucker - I was very impressed with Lisa last week. As she began this week I was curious if I had chosen wrong in picking her to go far. I really didn't like the song as it began, but once she got into it she did a fine good. job. 3 stars tonight - 3 1/2 stars overall.

Melissa McGhee - Once again Melissa sings a country song. This week she picks Reba's song. I must admit, Reba is one of the few country singers I have listened to and enjoy somewhat. For Melissa though, I don't know, she just doesn't bring it. I don't 'believe' her as a country singer. To quote Randy on other singers, "It was OK, just OK". I didn't think ti was anything special. I can't understand why Paula and Randy was so enamored with it. I have to agree with Simon on this one, forgettable. 3 stars tonight. 3 stars overall.

Heather Cox - Though a little better than last week, I was still not impressed. The song started off awfully but she redeemed herself towards the end. She did a good job of holding her notes this week but was completely out of breath and had to take a few seconds to catch her breath, and it showed big time. As the AI trinity mentioned, it's hard not to compare her Mariah Carey song to the original. If she's still around next week, I'll demand a recount. 2 1/2 stars tonight. - 2 1/4 stars overall.

Brenna Gethers - Another slight improvement from last week. The judges were thoroughly displeased with her, I didn't quite agree. Yes, Brenna is VERY full of herself, but her song really wasn't awful. Well, at least not compaired to the rest of the singers. Also, Donna Summers was a stretch to attempt. Yes, I'm surprised I didn't hate it as much as the three all powerful, but she'll still be around next week. 3 stars this week. - 2 3/4 stars overall.

Paris Bennet - Hmmm, she was one of my favorites from last week but this week I felt nothing. As Randy likes to point out to others, I found it very 'pitchy'. You could tell she was struggling to get the song out. She also was singing with marbles in her mouth for some reason. My gosh, this was just...... What is going on this week with the women? So far none of them are really impressing me. 2 1/2 stars this week. 3 stars overall.

Ayla Brown - Much better than last week. Ayla still hasn't won me over entirely but the songs was enjoyable to listen to. I certainly didn't feel it was mechanical this week. I was as surprised as Randy that I enjoyed it. Compared to the other girls, she was much better. 3 1/2 stars this week. 3 1/4 stars overall.

Kellie Pickler - As far as the country genre goes, Bonnie Rait was a nice song for her to sing. Kellie did a fantastic job on this. If I had to pick someone to win solely in the country genre, it would be her. Much, much, much improvement over last week. Not only was the song good, but she put on a good show as well. 4 stars this week. 3 1/2 stars overall.

Mandesa - A lot of my choices from last week have been flip-flopped this week. I'm starting to get tired of the women churning out garbage, not only in the type of genre most have chosen to sing. I certainly loved Mandesa last week. This week, it was not very good. I am of half a mind to give her a lower rating, but she'd really have to go just a bit worse. I think the judges were too easy on her, perhaps I am as well. Hmmm. 3 stars this week. 3 1/2 stars overall.

My prediction for who will be eliminated? I'll have to go again with Heather Cox for one. Brenna really hasn't been impressing me but I think America will keep her around mostly because of her 'character'. My choice for the second to go is Melissa McGhee.

Ahhhhh, but who will be the next American Idol? Stay tuned....

I think you are spot on with your write up Jeff ...... the women really sucked as a group last night!!!  :hand:  There were some brights spots, but they were few and far between. I enjoyed Kellie and Ayla the most. I also agree with you about Katharine's outfit. My wife and daughter both thought it looked like she was wearing a maternity top!!!  :lol:


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