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I don't know what they are drinking or smokin' but they need some new judges next year!!!!  Even when they give a good review they sound like they didn't want to give it.  This whole thing with Paula and Simon is getting real old.  B:) B:)  I think Randy should stick to playing bass.  Please FOX get some new judges in here next time. 

Jeffrey Scott:
Randy annoys me because he always seems to be acting like something he's not. It really irritates me. Simon might bad mouth everyone, but at least I can understand where he's coming from. Paula is just too much a goody goody, not wanting to hurt anyones feelings.

Yeah I do agree that Simon is usually pretty close to right on.  But I guess Randy thinks he is the man because "He works with Mariah".     

Jeffrey Scott:
I agree that the entire thing between Paula and Simon is geting old. I can also understand getting rid of Paula and Randy. But Simon really needs to stay. Even ratings wise, Simon brings people in to watch. However, I also feel that Simon is usually dead on. I disagree with him a few times, but overall he makes sense. Don't hate Simon, hate the game he's in.


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