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Jeffrey Scott:
Is the bantering between the two getting on anyone elses nerves? Honestly, there are times I can't tell if these two men are in love or bitter rivals. Granted, this is only my second season of AI so far, but the back and forth is really getting old. Simon is as unrelenting on Seacrest being a DJ as Ryan is as unrelenting on telling awful jokes.

Reality Junkee:
It is annoying to me also.  I think their "banter" is just getting old.  Focus on the contestant guys and not each other.....unless they DO like to focus on each other! :rotf:

Jeffrey Scott:
They fight like they are brothers or something. Maybe they are related?  :rotf:

I'm finding the entire ryan/slimon/randy/paula banter to be bothersome.... :meow:

they get rambling on when they should be focusing on the contestants...and like who gives a crap about them??  ..... B:).... :giggle:

Jeffrey Scott:
Last nights show could have been cut to an hour if they stopped all the paula/ryan/randy/simon fluff.


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