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Jeffrey Scott:
Well in my defense I have it taped on DVR so I'll be watching it tonight. I ended up engaged in housework last night.
I shall watch both tonight.
PS  :meow:

Katherine did the best job, I think.  Ayla was very good, also.  I was disappointed in Paris' performance, though.

Reality Junkee:

--- Quote from: Cole on February 22, 2006, 07:13:03 AM ---Forgot it was on! (a collective gasp heard across RFF)


then you hear "How did he get 6 stars with just over 100 post?"

Yes men are on tonight.

Meanwhile RJ has fallen and can't get up over the fact he forgot it was on.

--- End quote ---

Oh my, I must have fainted....Did Jeffrey say he forgot it was on??? 

Jeffrey Scott:
Go easy on me. I'm watching it now!!!!  :meow:

Reality Junkee:
You're watching it now?   It's about time!

 :lol: :-*


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