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Reality Junkee:
I like watching American Idol and have it set on my Tivo to record all shows.

BUT, it is now interfering with Amazing Race and Survivor.  AI is usually on only Tuesday & Wednesdays.  This week and next week (at least) it will ALSO be on Thursdays at the SAME TIME as Survivor.

THEN, the first show of TAR on the 28th will be on @ 9-11pm.  Now you may wonder why I'd be mad at AI for that.  AI will be on for 1 1/2 hrs and not their usual 1 hr format according to my Tivo and thereby can only record one show.  So, guess which one I deleted for that night?  You got it, AI.

AI better not be pulling anymore of this stuff because they will probably lose ratings 'cause others will be watching Survivor and TAR.

Just had to vent. :knuckles:

Jeffrey Scott:
I'm sorry to hear that. That would upset me as well. I take it TiVO will not record two shows at once? My DVR does that, but I'm not sure if TiVO is the same way.

My DIrecTV Tivo records two shows at once, And my season pass list is a order of importance list, and if something confilcts, it check that to see which two to record


Reality Junkee:
You are lucky Rob & Jeffrey.  We don't have our Tivo through DirectTV....it's just through Tivo itself.  Fortunately we do have one downstairs.  But I'm mad at the fact they would program these shows like that.  Yeah, I know it's for ratings but it stinks.

Also, the Tivo we have upstairs has a recorder built into it.  So I wanted to possibly record both TAR and AI onto DVD.  If I record one downstairs and then transfer it upstairs, it won't let me put it on DVD.

I know all this sounds petty, but the scheduling just makes me mad.  Again, I'm venting. :lol:

I might contact Tivo to see if it can be done and how.  Staying true to my name, I'm a Reality Junkee ;D

Jeffrey Scott:
Vent all you want, they'll make more (reasons to vent). And you know it. ;)


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